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The Calendar Girls of Üzümlü

The Joint Üzümlü Group and Animal Care Üzümlü Cake (ACU) Bake fundraiser saw the release of the 2018 Calendar based on the Calendar Girls success story.Charity News & Events – week ending 11 November 2017

Calendar Girls

It would be surprising if anyone hasn’t heard of the hit movie, Calendar Girls, and the true story that inspired the film. In 1998 a group of women from a Yorkshire Women’s Institute wanted to raise some money for charity in honour of the husband of one of their members who had died of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The women aged between 45 – 65, fully supported by both their local WI and the National organization, produced a Calendar featuring their members in risque poses. It proved to be an instant hit with the initial print run selling out within a week. 10000 more calendars were printed and they sold out in three weeks. By December 1999, 88000 copies were sold and an incredible £450000 raised for leukemia research.

The Üzümlü Calendar Girls

During the Summer Denise Atkins, treasurer of Animal Care Üzümlü, floated an idea to both charities to recreate some of the success that the original Calendar Girls had with their 1998 Calendar. Both charities would share the proceeds from sales equally and provide models for the photo shoots. The Üzümlü Group raises funds for underprivileged children in Üzümlü and the surrounding area, and the Üzümlü Animal Care charity raises funds for street dogs and cats to provide healthcare, neutering, food and a place of safety.
Denise contacted a number of local and UK businesses for sponsorship to cover the cost of production. Sponsors were very generous in their support and all costs were covered ensuring that every Kuruş raised from sales will go to both charities. Two local amateur photographers were engaged, Jo Braggins for the girls and Dave Roue for the boys. The hair and make up for the girls was provided by Kayra Eren-Wilson. We can confirm that Photoshop was NOT used in the production and all models had to be totally starkers for the shoots! The photo shoots, as you can imagine, were great fun and the results are quite stunning. So please grab a copy as numbers are limited.

Where can you get a copy?

The Calendars will be available for sale at all the local fundraisers and Christmas fayres at 15tl each. Also available at local restaurants and A&J Supermarket in Üzümlü. You can also reserve a copy by contacting Denise Atkins at denisecatkins@hotmail.com.

Thanks go to…

The charities would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous donations, Park Alya Restaurant, ITC Mama Shop, Mustufan Insaat, Eddy’s place, Mr Home Fix, Grape Garden Restaurant, Paws for Training, WD Lie Detectors UK, Winehouse Restaurant, TEOL, Turk-UK Pet Travel, Cadianda Restaurant, Turcanim Boat Tours, Connections, Villas 4U, UVM Villa Management and Land of Lights. Thanks also to the brave models who got their kit off and also to all our purchasers.

Special thanks to the brave models who got their kit off and to those of you who have bought, or will buy, a copy…

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