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Yaşam İçin Yarış – it’s the final countdown

There is just one week to go before Yaşam İçin Yarış (Race For Life)

Latest news & events from Fethiye’s local charities – week ending 07 October 2017

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Çalış Children’s Charity (3C’s) meet with children who received hearing aids

On 5th September, members of Çalış Children’s Charity (3C’s) met with children and their families who have received hearing aids paid for by the charity.

Latest news & events from Fethiye’s local charities – week ending 07 October 2017

A deaf or hearing impaired child has a huge impact, not only on the child but also on the whole family group.

It was a wonderful opportunity to find out how the lives of the children and young people have improved since receiving the hearing aids, both at school and at home.

The individual child is assessed by specialist doctors to determine the cause and type of their hearing loss, and dependant upon the doctor’s report, the correct type of aid is then prescribed. For some, external aids are sufficient, and they have custom made buds to fit their ears, which are linked to the external device. Other children, however, have such profound hearing loss, that they require implanted devices, including bone and cochlear implants.

The children who require these implants can only have these procedures undertaken by University hospitals and these costs range from 16,000 to 25,000 TL. A portion of this is paid by the Turkish health care system but the rest needs to be privately funded. This is where 3C’s became involved to support those families who simply do not have the resources for this.

Many of these children can then benefit from mainstream schooling as they can take part fully in their lessons. From a family perspective, some children have previously been frustrated and even angry as they cannot communicate clearly with their parents and siblings. One young boy when asked what difference hearing well has made to him, proudly announced that he can now hear the commentary on the Fenerbahçe football matches!

Parents have spoken of their children being happier and more settled both at home and school.

3C’s would like to thank all of their supporters, without whose generosity they couldn’t help these children. They rely on donations of clothing, household items, books, DVD’s and CD’s – or any items that we can sell in our shop in Çalış to raise money for this and other worthy causes.

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Be Not Sad (The Lot of a Turkish Dog)

Earlier this year we wrote an article about Just Josh – a true story of a Turkish street dog’s struggle to survive and the experiences he encounters during his journey, written by Moira Rutherford who lives in Kalkan.

Just Josh by Moira Rutherford

Kinik Forest Dogs

Moira is also involved with the Friends of Kinik Forest Dogs.

The plight of these dogs inspired her to write this poem.

Be Not Sad (The Lot of a Turkish Dog)

By Moira Rutherford

Be not sad for me! Expectations I have none
So I cannot be disappointed.
The first days of life were good, warm bodies, milk, a mother’s love… so good.
Too soon came shock, the bewilderment of being in a strange place without her!
Five of us, scared and alone, not knowing how long it would be before we died!
We huddle together under a tree, a car, a wheel for protection.
So hungry, so thirsty with new and frightening big dogs around, waiting… for what?
Death? What do we know of it?

Be not sad for me. I am ok.
Some are lucky and are found, cared for with love. Enough food to survive each day and night.
Maybe a forever home, only a few!
Are we ill? Kind, gentle hands tend us, medicines, drips, needles.
Sometimes too late. Don’t cry!
The daily worry for us, will we be there in the morning? Loving eyes searching; sighs of relief when we are found.
Taken to a home! They know nothing! What do puppies do? They can’t have this, so out we go again.
This time alone, unless a big brother comes, scarcely older but knowing a little more!

Be not sad for me!
A town dog may survive; he seeks and finds kindness and love from those who can!
In the forest there are too many, all hungry.
Those who are bold surviving better than our timid smaller ones without a clue of what to do.

Be not sad for me! I have what I have. I do not know what I have not.
I endure the hunger, the thirst, the cold, the heat: this is my life!
Can I play? Only if another shows me how.
Good days, play days. Gentle sun keeping me warm instead of the raging heat and lack of shade. Or icy cold nights. Dark and long!

Listening each morning for that sound; the sound of an engine. Our beloveds bringing us help. Bringing our daily food and treats.
They are coming, we all run eagerly not knowing which is best. The food? The tenderness? The love? The smiles on their happy faces when we are all there. Sad at leaving us alone!
The worried frowns and scooping up when we need a vet. The heartache is worse for you dear friends.

Be not sad for me it is my fate!
If all is well, all is well. If not, then you did me proud and it wasn’t meant to be.
Be not sad for me, I am at peace, the pain has gone, you are not alone; another soon takes my place.
Be not sad for them …for they are us in a later time! Thank you, thank you!
You do your best!

If you would like to know more Kinik Forest Dogs you can visit them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KinikForestDogs/