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Fund raising continues for the Kedi Evi

Kedi Evi is an independent organisation that operates under the umbrella of Animal Aid Fethiye and FETAV.

Kedi Evi is run solely on donations. They provide food for adult cats and kittens, dog food for the free runners, and special recovery food for sick cats, as well as a host of other things.

Latest news & events from Fethiye's local charities - week ending 12 August 2017

They recently lost their premises and are currently looking for a piece of land with a building, to resume their activities. The volunteers still have a number of cats and kittens who are being fostered but have no capacity to take on any more are now looking to open their own sanctuary in the local area where sick, old & very young street cats can be looked after for as long as is needed.

The hunt is on to find a piece of land, with electricity and water supply and easy access for volunteers, that can be donated for the use of the Kedi Evi free of charge.

In the meantime, any monies raised will either be put aside for this new venture or used to help support volunteers and fosterers who are currently housing cats in their own homes.

Friends of Fethiye

In July a Facebook page called ‘Friends of Fethiye’, run by Melissa Jones, campaigned to find a local charity to raise funds for. Thanks to an overwhelming response from all their supporters, the Kedi Evi came out on top.

It was decided that a raffle was the best way to raise money and a fantastic selection of prizes were donated by local businesses. Tickets sold for £5 each and the raffle took place on Thursday 3rd August with a staggering £490 being raised.

Latest news & events from Fethiye's local charities - week ending 12 August 2017

Susan Cato, Team Leader of the Kedi Evi, along with fellow volunteer Sian Midgley, met up with Nicola and Terri of Celebrate in Hisaronu to receive the donation. Sue said ‘I’m overwhelmed by the support we’ve received from the Friends of Fethiye. Every single penny and lira raised goes towards helping the local street animals and we can’t wait to get started on our new venture with the new Kedi Evi’.

Finally, we’d like to give a big shout out to Melissa and all those that donated items for the raffle – Help Beach and Yacht Club, Talk of the Town, Şey Beach Lounge, Istanbul Restaurant, Our House Restaurant, Charcoal Palace in Calis, Animal Excursions, Tommy Ozturk, F1 Go Karting, Baba Tekin’s boat, DVD Hisaronu, Gunsenin Art, Goldfinger, Ocean Blue Spa, The Soap Lady, Oyster Residences, Restaurant Bay Effeto