Yaşam İçin Yarış (Race For Life) – Bronchoscope presented to Devlet  Hospital

On 2nd October 2016, around 400 people turned out to run the second Yaşam İçin Yarış (Race For Life) in Fethiye raising a massive 37,000TL in sponsorship to help with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

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Where did the money go?

The money raised was used to buy a Bronchoscope for the Devlet Hospital in Fethiye. On Wednesday the Yaşam İçin Yarış committee went along to present the Bronchoscope to the Oncology department at the hospital.

The Bronchoscope will be used for the diagnosis, staging, and management of lung cancer.

Devlet Head Physician, Yavuz Okulu, said how pleased they were to receive the Bronchoscope, which would be put into use immediately.

Uğur Çaçaron, chairman of the 2016 race committee, stated that they are happy to be able to support the hospital where the state is not able to provide much needed equipment.

The committee would like to thank everyone who took part in the race and helped to raise this money.

Special thanks go to the Rotrary Club, Ölüdeniz, for their donation and John Brett, who donated the sponsorship money he raised when he ran the 12th Antalya Marathon on 5th March, to make up the shortfall for the 40,000TL Brochoscope.

Save the date

The 2017 Yaşam İçin Yarış (Race For Life) will take place on Sunday 15th October so watch out for further details.


FETAV and Fethiye Hayvan Dostları (FHD) – Animal Friendly School Project

Over the past few months, a small, dedicated team of animal lovers from Hayvan Dostları, Fethiye Friends of Animals Association, have, with support from FETAV, been providing educational seminars to primary and middle school children in the Fethiye region.

During these sessions they highlight the importance of animal protection, whilst also instilling a sense of moral responsibility towards animals in these youngsters.

A animal friendly project is being implemented in this school

Part of the project is to teach children the practical aspects of caring for an animal. To this end, the children of  Ölüdeniz Middle School now have a dog of their own to care for.

Meet Heidi

Heidi was chosen and adopted from the FHD shelter who also donated a kennel to the project. An area in the school grounds was landscaped and fenced in and this is where Heidi will make her new home.

89 students were selected to take part in this project. The group is divided into three teams and every day, three students are responsible for walking, feeding and cleaning tasks. The students are very enthusiastic about their new responsibilities

As for Heidi, she’s loving every minute!

Thanks go to

Animal Friendly School Project Coordinator, Musa Denk, who has helped in the realisation of the first project of this kind.

Engin Yiğit, Ölüdeniz Middle School Principal, for his cooperation and helpfulness.

Kerim Gençoğlu, Regional Manager of Forest and Water Affairs National Parks Group for providing food and water bowls.

“Educational seminars organized by Training Coordinator Nagihan Ünal Bulut, Psychologist Buket Sarıçakır and Veterinary Physician Kerem Özdemir continue throughout the area.

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