Fethiye Hayvan Dostları (Fethiye Animal Friends) – local children learn the importance of animal welfare

Over the past few months, a small, dedicated team of animal lovers from Hayvan Dostları, Fethiye Friends of Animals Association, have, with support from FETAV, been providing educational seminars to primary and middle school children in the Fethiye region. Their aim is to reach all 16,000 students in this age group before the end of the school year in June.

Educational coordinator, Nagihan Bulut; psychologist, Dr. Buket Sarıçakır, and veterinarian, Dr. Kerem Özdemir, recently attended the Yusuf Izzet Gökçe Primary and Middle School to provide pupils with an insight into the needs and feelings of street dogs and cats, pets, wildlife and circus animals. During these sessions they highlight the importance of animal protection, whilst also instilling a sense of moral responsibility towards animals in these youngsters.

FETAV Hayvan Dostları Eğitim Koordinatörü Nagihan Bulut, Psikolog Buket Sarıçakar, Veterinar Hekim Kerem Özdemir.

After a short film, pupils were encouraged to answer questions relating to animals.Each pupil who answered the questions correctly was rewarded with a brightly coloured food/water bowl. They were very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about many of the subjects covered. The children were gently encouraged to steer clear of circuses and dolphin parks and to imagine how  the animals who perform there may have been trained using cruel methods.

Vital advice was also given on to how to greet dogs in a way that would not make them feel cornered or trapped, causing them to growl or bite from fear. The importance of castration/sterilisation was also clearly outlined in an effort to curb the number of street dogs and cats present in and around Fethiye.

The Fethiye local council has presented the association with a sizable piece of land to be developed into an Animal Education Centre. This centre will give members of the public access to information that will benefit the local street animals in particular. The centre is planned to open in the coming year.

Thank you to Sarah Louise Akkay for this article.

FIG Spring Craft Fayre

The sun shone on FIG’s first craft fayre of the year which was held on Tuesday 4th April next to Address Restaurant in Fethiye.

200 local crafters booked stalls for the Spring event, selling everything from home cooked goodies for food lovers, cheese, arts and crafts, paintings, screen prints to jewellery and soft furnishings.

Plenty of people turned out to browse, buy and enjoy a coffee in the neighbouring restaurants.

The day raised a total of 1845.25TL which will be used to help local schools and children.

Thank you to all those who participated and made the day such a success.

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