2nd Çalış Beach Chilli Eating Competition – Brave the “Eat”

    2nd Çaliş Beach Chilli Eating Competition - 26 September 2020
    26 September 2020 @ 6:00 pm
    Bedesten Square
    20TL to enter
    Lee Stevenson
    2nd Çalış Beach Chilli Eating Competition - Brave the "Eat" @ Bedesten Square

    Dare you brave the “eat”?

    The 2nd Çalış Beach Chilli Eating Competiton will take place in Bedesten Square, Çalış on 26 September 2020 at 6pm.

    Restaurants in the square are each offering a special menu on the evening.

    Please refer to poster for further details.

    Çaliş Beach Chilli Eating Competition Rules

    • You must sign the disclaimer before partaking

    • Everyone will rinse their mouths before the start

    • You may withdraw at any time

    • Over 18’s only – ID will be checked if necessary

    • You must be in good physical health, check with your GP

    • Protective gloves will be provided & must be worn

    • Each round you have 2 minutes to eat the whole chilli excluding the stalk

    • There will be a 3 minute gap between rounds

    • Chillies will get progressively hotter, a list will be provided detailing each one’s heat using the Scoville Heat Unit scale (SHU)

    • The winner will be the last competitor willing & able to continue

    • Entry is limited to 10 people

    • Entry cost is 20tl, winner takes all

    • There will be a prize kindly donated by Bedesten Square

    • Remember entry is at your own risk

    • You may have a support team, but they can only offer verbal support

    • The judges’ decision is final


    • Do not drink anything from beginning of competition to 1 minute after the end

    • Do not coat your mouth prior to starting, this includes eating hot sauce to try and acclimatise

    • Spitting or vomiting will result in disqualification