A holiday to Turkey can be a culinary adventure for Foodies especially if you decide to self cater and visit the various farmers markets to buy some of the freshest produce you can buy, well, anywhere.

The Aegean town of Fethiye in south west Turkey has an enviable location sitting between the rich turquoise sea and the dramatic backdrop of the Babadag, Mendos and Taurus mountains.

The mountains, sea and land work in harmony to make Fethiye a food lovers paradise.

The sea provides fresh fish. The mountains provide an abundant supply of fresh water that supplies the thriving agricultural villages outside the town.

Fethiye Market - onions
Fethiye Market – onions

This fertile location means that all types of fruit and vegetables are grown. Tomatoes, aubergine, pepper, lettuce, onions, citrus are all grown whilst the higher locations grow apples, cherries, potatoes to name a few.

This makes it a culinary heaven for any galloping gourmets on holiday in Fethiye.

A trip to the popular Tuesday market and the Friday farmers market is the real showcase for the local growers and a honey pot for the local shopper and tourist alike. The atmosphere is friendly despite the crowds and it buzzes with chatter and market banter. Head to the covered area and see the marble faced stalls crammed with fresh produce. Some are piled so high the seller may have to stand to reach over and serve you.

Prices are marked on plastic or old cardboard boxes ripped up and written on in pen and are all quoted in kilos. When you see something you like the seller will pass you a bag and then you can chose what you want. In no time at all you will be ladened with bag after bag of mouth-watering fresh produce.


Fethiye Market potato stall
Fethiye Market potato stall
Fethiye Market - cabbages
Fethiye Market – cabbages

Head out to the river for more fruit and veg and soon you will be in one of the best parts of the market in our opinion.

This is the area in which the stalls selling olives, cheeses, dried fruit, nuts and sweets are located. FethiyeTimes.com loves this section so much because you can taste before you buy; or put it another way, have what we call a Fethiye Market light lunch. Try different types of olives, taste the wide range of cheeses and nibble on a few nuts before ending with some Turkish Delight (or Lokum as it is known in Turkey).

Fethiye Market - Dried Fruit Stall
Fethiye Market – Dried Fruit Stall
Fethiye Market Nut Stall
Fethiye Market Nut Stall
Fethiye Market cheese stall
Fethiye Market cheese stall

Next head on over to the poultry products stalls and buy your white meat and eggs before finishing off with dessert by visiting the melon sellers.

By now your arms will be straining under the weight of all those goodies you have bought so it will be time to get back to your holiday home and start cooking.

Juicy melons
Fethiye Market melon stall

Other Markets in and Around Fethiye

If your Turkish holiday home is a bit further away do not worry because markets take place in other towns and villages around Fethiye on different days.

For a list of the main markets take a look at another FethiyeTimes.com article here.



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