An easy and effective way of storing fresh herbs or any other salad stuff helping to keep it fresh for well over a week.

Fresh is Best

How often do you buy fresh herbs in the market only to find they only last a few days before perishing?

Well we found it happened regularly particularly with fresh broad leaved parsley.

We’d tried storing it in water on the kitchen worktop, adding a little sugar to the water, storing it in the fridge without water and finally storing it in water in the fridge. In each case our efforts failed.

But we were talking to a Turkish friend one night and she said we should try her method of keeping parsley or just about any fresh herb of salad vegetable fresh.

Fresh herbs storage

All you need is a jar or plastic container with a lid that can be sealed shut.

Wash the parsley and leave the water on the leaves. Place it inside the container, seal it shut and place it in the fridge.

The container will keep the fresh herbs or salad stuff in a nice cool but moist protective atmosphere – just what they want to stay fresh and tasty.

Not only that but it also stops other flavour cross contamination within the fridge.

We have used a glass ‘Kilner’ type jar that you can buy in Fethiye to store fresh parsley.

Salads Fresh Too

Our experience is that it will stay fresh and tasty for well over a week rather than a day if left out (especially in the summer heat).

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