On Sunday, Mehmet Güven and his team hosted the Ultimate Ploughman’ s Lunch at the Yakamoz Hotel in Ovacık.

A brief history

You could be forgiven for thinking the Ploughman’s Lunch has been around for decades but you may be surprised to know that this classic lunch of bread, cheese and ale was only given the name in the sixties. According to various sources the phrase  ‘Ploughman’s Lunch’ was first promoted by the Milk Marketing Board as part of a campaign to promote the sales of cheese, especially in pubs. However the origins go back much further and people, including some ploughmen, had been eating bread and cheese with beer for aeons.

Here at Fethiye Times we are always on the look out for new things to write about.  During a Cheese and Honey Gathering at Tangala goat farm, our group had a discussion about Gara Guzu beer and cheese, culminating in a single comment…

“Wouldn’t a Ploughman’s Lunch, using locally produced products, make a great article”

Little did we know where it would lead.

A Ploughman’s Lunch isn’t something you would usually find in Fethiye however, those of you who are frequent visitors ( or live here) will know that the food is fresh and full of flavour, just perfect for making a Fethiye version.

Plans were made, ingredients sourced and tasted along with regular discussions to finalise the details; How many different cheeses? How much cheese? Which chutney’s to compliment the cheeses? And so on…

Ploughman’s Lunch – Fethiye style

The main ingredients for this favourite are cheese, bread and pickled onions.

Take some cheese

Tangala Goat Farm produces artisan cheeses. The farm is the only one of its kind in Turkey and the cheeses are all produced there by the owner, Buket Ulukut.

We selected three types of cheese


Inspired by Brie, this soft cheese is produced from cow’s milk and is aged for a minimum of four to six weeks under special conditions. Mera gets gooey at room temperature and can be slightly warmed in the oven.


A hard, oak cheese produced during summer from 100% raw goat milk and aged for 120 days under special conditions in an underground cellar. In the autumn and winter it is produced from 100% pasteurized cow’s milk and aged for 90 days.
The special character of this cheese comes from the acorns of oak trees and bushes eaten by the Tangala goats during autumn and winter. The fatty nut gives the milk a characteristic flavor and aroma.


Tangala’s blue cheese is named after traditional Gorgonzola and is aged and treated for a minimum of three months under special conditions. This semi-hard, aged blue mouldy cheese is produced all year round.

Add bread

There are so many bakeries in Fethiye all producing many types of delicious fresh bread. We selected four types; sourdough bread (ekşi mayalı ekmek), white crusty, bazlama and olive bread (made by Kenan, the Yakamoz award winning chef) olive bread.

We remembered the locally made butter as well!

Take some pickles

Home made pickles are a must and were provided by Maryanne and Umut from Yeşil’s Kelebek Ev.

Large, crunchy pickled onions with a tangy bite. Chutneys to compliment the cheeses; apricot and chilli and sandwich pickle (not branston).

Piccalilli completed the selection.

Add the extras

Additional items of your choice may be added. We chose apple slices, salad, figs, green plums, olives and hot chilli jelly served on raw onion.

Wash it down with beer

Gara Guzu were the first producers of craft beers in Turkey, brewed locally in Muğla; perfect for serving with our Ploughman’s.

Kenan’s home made lemon cheesecake served with tea or coffee provided a perfect dessert.

And there you have it – The Ultimate Ploughman’s Lunch, Fethiye style.

Thank you to everyone who came along and made it such a special event.

The Yakamoz Hotel is a selling point for Tangala cheeses.

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Watch this space for details of the next Ultimate Ploughman’s Lunch