Today we decided to re post our article on Maraş dondurma as it is definitely ice cream weather.

Dondurma (literally Turkish for “freezing”) is the name given to ice cream in Turkey

Whilst Turkey has it’s fair share of different brands there is one that stands out from the crowd.

The ‘cold and delicious’ ice cream 
of Kahramanmaraş

Maraş and Baklava
Maraş Dondurma – delicious served with Baklava

The ice cream of Kahramanmaraş is chewy, thick and has an elastic texture. This result stems from two of the main ingredients that are a thickening agent called Salep and a resin called Mastic.

Surprisingly it is the Salep that gives it the incredible creamy flavour and also those gravity-defying, melt-resistant qualities.

It’s very flexible until frozen, at which point it becomes as hard as a rock. But don’t worry, Maraş is very smooth and melts like butter as soon as it hits the tongue.

This ice cream is unlike anything you have experienced. The traditional serving is plain ice cream with a sprinkling of powdered pistachio, served with a knife and fork, as it’s not easily scooped with a spoon.

Maraş Dondurma traditionally served sprinkled with pistachio and a knife and fork
Maraş Dondurma traditionally served sprinkled with pistachio

It comes in other flavours too such as vanilla, red currant, peach, pistachio, chocolate, strawberry and more…..

Flavours of Maraş

Where can you find Maraş Dondurma

In the summertime you can find Maraş Dondurma sold by vendors in popular tourist destinations. They perform and entertain as much as they sell dondurma.

Their job is to make the ice cream do the seemingly impossible – pull it like taffy, spin it around like a rope and then play tricks on the customers with the sticky mass that doesn’t easily leave the spoon. Click here to see a video of an ice cream vendor in Istanbul playing tricks with customers.

Maraş Dondurma

Street vendor

And in Fethiye…

There are a number of places you can treat yourself to this magical ice-cream…

Visit Güner at Yolcu Büfe and treat yourself to Maraş Dondurma
Visit Güner at Yolcu Büfe and treat yourself to Maraş Dondurma ( next to the main Mosque by the dolmuş station)
MADO (MAraş DOndurma) in Ertasta AVM
Have a break from shopping in Erasta AVM at MADO (MAraş DOndurma) and enjoy Maraş Dondurma

Or from any of the ice cream vendors or shop fronts that advertise Maraş Dondurma…

Afiyet Olsun!

Afiyet Olsun!