In search of a restaurant to celebrate a friend’s success this week, we ventured out to look for an old favourite along the promenade, Fethiye’s Kordon.

Now we know Fethiye is a growing and evolving town, and we are certainly used to the here-today, gone-tomorrow nature of a lot of businesses as they try to find their niche, some succeeding and others failing.

However after a couple of, what seemed to us to be, very successful years on the Kordon, we were both surprised and utterly disappointed to find that Shaka had shut up shop and sold on.

All change!

Although there is a new restaurant there, it’s drink prices alone were too rich for our blood, and the change in colour scheme from Shaka’s lovely turquoise and burgundy to a mustard yellow was also not alluring to us at all.

Next door Veranda, with it’s ultra modern sophisticated Istanbul-like aesthetics has been gutted and is undergoing some kind of makeover by concrete.  It is rumoured to become a fish restaurant, which may account for the wreckage of a dinghy in the middle of the deck.

And so, where to try now for an evening of good food with a view?

Matisse Restaurant

Although this restaurant has been here for a couple of years, we discovered that it had recently changed hands, had a new owner/manager.

Fethiye Sunset
Fethiye Sunset

It was a beautiful sunset and a warm evening so we were pleased to sit on the waters edge.  there was live background music, and it was good. Not too loud so you couldn’t talk, not ‘needing attention’ as so many of the live acts at restaurant’s seem to and tuneful – I sometimes find the deep voiced Turkish musicians can sound melancholy and discordant to me, this sounded foreign and exotic but pleasant and ambient. Perfect beat to eat to!

How would you like your steak, sir?

We all ordered steaks; two pepper steaks (one medium, one well) and a fillet (rare/medium).  We skipped starters as this usually fills us up, and we felt if there was room after the main, we could go for a pudding.

Toasted bread, butter, olives and ‘lor’ cheese were delivered anyway, so we nibbled on that while the mains were cooked, and again lamented the loss of Shaka with it’s home made mini loaves with the knife sticking out!

Steak Dinner at Matisse Restaurant Fethiye
Steak Dinner at Matisse Restaurant Fethiye

The meals arrived, and the presentation was quirky and fresh, with square plates and the veg humorously cascading out of an upturned dish.  The pepper steaks were indeed very peppery, and well cooked.  My fillet was a large end piece and in truth a little underdone to what I’d ordered but I’ve flexible tastes and it was a good piece of meat and delicious.

For each person, a glass

There were plenty of staff, but the service was just a little hit and miss.  Evidently some of the young staff were new and finding their feet and a few mistakes were made, but certainly nothing that would not improve with experience. For example: Between the three of us, we ordered a bottle of wine and a bottle of Efes.

The beer and one glass of wine were brought.  The situation was pointed out and rectified, and the bottle appeared – but we had to then ask for a second wine glass for the third person and an ice bucket. Just minor details, but a good restaurant needs to get this kind of stuff right.


After the amazing sunset, the breeze freshened a little off the water and the side panels were dropped which made a huge difference and meant we could linger longer.  After a while we decided we could manage a dessert so asked for the menu.  Instead a tray appeared with a selection of sweets on it.  I chose a tiramisu and my friend the fruit tart.

They both looked amazing, and mine was nice. My friend is quite a cake expert and in her opinion the custard in the tart could have been better!

Fruit Finale

Finally, (and reminiscent of the days when we first came to Turkey when you would always get a fruit plate at the end but which is sadly a bit of a rarity now), an impressive platter was presented of seasonal fruits, and we sampled these along with our Turkish coffees before getting the bill.

The final bill came to 194 lira, including wine (50 lira) and the steaks were around 40 lira each.

Our verdict:  

We had a great evening, and I’m glad to have found a Shaka-replacement on the Kordon.

What about you?

Have you been to Matisse? What did you have and what did you think? Do you have a different favourite Kordon restaurant?

Usual caveats apply: This was our experience on just one visit, you may well have a better or worse one! 


  1. We were like you and dissapointed that the Shaka was sold but Mancero which is the new name is a very worthy replacement and have the best steaks we have found in the area. Pricier yes but quality costs. It’s a more upmarket restaurant that Fethiye was deserving and you really ought to give it a go..

  2. Thanks for the review! It’s nice to see there are other places than the fish market and those places in the old town to eat at in Fethiye. We must venture further down the prom next time we are visiting.