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If, like us, you love the cultural traditions of a place, I though I’d share with you how my Turkish neighbour taught me to make Turkish coffee.

When you are asked if you would like a coffee, you will expected to choose how you want it – there are three choices: sade (sa-day) which is without sugar; orta – which is sweetened or sekerli (sheck-er-lay) which is very sweet. If it’s your first one, I would go with orta to start with.

You’ll need:

  • Small demi-tasse coffee cups
  • a cezve – which is the Turkish coffee pot. These come in different sizes depending on how many coffees you want to make
  • Turkish coffee – there is a great little shop outside the fish market which grind their own. Ask for ‘tep-taze’ (tep tah-zeh) which is super fresh.
  • Water
  • Sugar (to taste)

How to Make Turkish Coffee

Fill the cups with water – this ensures you get the right amount.

Pour into the cezve, then add one heaped teaspoon of coffee per cup into the water, carefully, and then add sugar to taste. Stir carefully over the heat.

You must watch it closely as it boils fast, and boils over. Also be careful when touching hot metal parts.

When you can see the foam rising, wait until it is almost boiling over and pour off the foam between the cups. Put back on the heat and repeat. Go back to the heat and do it for the third time, topping all the cups off.

Serve with cold water and optional sweetmeats, perhaps some Turkish Delight or sweet Baklava!

Some references say a splash of the cold will help to settle the coffee grounds.

Note that when drinking the coffee, be sure to sip and not take down the grounds. You will be left with nearly a quarter cup of them when you have finished.

There is also much folklore with Turkish coffee, with some people professing to be able to read the pattern the grounds make when the finished coffee is upturned into the saucer and rotated a few times.

Just for fun, I’ve made a little video to go with this.

Afiyet olsun.

How to make Turkish coffee – Video Guide

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  1. Great video & instructions! You definately made the turkish coffee process much more clear. Thank you so much!