A long gin and tonic served over ice in a tall glass makes a great drink to enjoy whilst watching a Fethiye sunset.

But with tonic often in short supply we decided to look into some alternatives and we think we have found an excellent substitute.

Most supermarkets sell soda water in many different flavours.

In fact the small glass bottles of fizzy soda are very popular judging by the shelf space they command in most stores.

We have experimented and have found the lemon soda is not only a great refreshing drink on its own but also is a great substitute for tonic.

Added to that each bottle holds the perfect measure and ensures a fresh and fizzy drink each time.

Calorie counters can look for the sugar free varieties. Look for ‘Sekersiz’ on the label.

The Fethiye Long Gin and Lemon Soda

Fill your hiball glass with ice

Pour over two measures of gin.

Garnish with a slice of lemon, lime or green tangerine to pep up the citrus flavours.

Then top off with lemon soda pouring from a height to ensure the perfect mix.

Allow to cool for a short while. Let the condensation form on the glass.

Sit back, sip and enjoy your Lazy Suzan Sundowner!


gin lemon glass
Ummm, gin and lemon soda. A taste of Fethiye.