The Fethiye Fish Market offers a really is great experience for foodies visiting the picturesque sea-side Turkish town where one can look, buy and eat all in the same location.

The Fethiye Fish market sells seasonal locally caught fish and imported fish every day of the week.

The main stall sited in the centre of the market hosts a range of independent fish mongers who have their fish on display and priced. Most will be happy to haggle to sell you their produce.

Visitors to the market can even buy fish and have it cooked in one of the nearby restaurants for a small fee.

So pick your fish, pay and pass it to the chef and it will be prepared, cooked and served in no time at all. Look, buy and eat – it’s that easy!

But what if you don’t know your Turkish fish names?

Take a look at our hand guide below where we have listed out the English – Turkish names of the popular fish on sale at the Fethiye Fish Market during the year.

Turkish Fish Names

Anchovy – Hamsi

Angler Fish (Scampi) – Fener lığ.

Blue fish – Lüfer

Bonito – Palamut

Palamut for sale at the Fethiye Fish Market
Palamut for sale at the Fethiye Fish Market


Calamari -Kalamar

Chub Mackerel – Kolyoz

Garfish – Zargana

Gilt-head bream – Çipura

Goby – Kaya balığı

Grey Mullet – Kefal

Grouper – Orfoz

Horse Mackerel – İstavrit

Calamari – Kalamar

Large Bonito – Torik

Luefish – Kofana

Mackerel – Uskumru

Calamari for Sale at Fethiye Fish Market
Calamari for Sale at Fethiye Fish Market

Red Gunard – Kırlangıç

Red Mullet – Barbunya

Red Sea Bream – Mercan

Rockling – Gelincik balığı

Sardines – Sardalya

Sea Bass – Levrek

Sea Bream – Karagöz

Sole – Dil Balığı

Sword Fish – Kılıç balığı

Turbot – Kalkan

Whiting – Mezgit

A Treat While You Eat

If you head to the Fethiye Fish Market at night you are guaranteed a treat.

The market buzzes with chatter and banter, the air is full of the delicious aromas of cooking fish and a local troupe of musicians will serenade you whilst you eat. Romantic and fun!

A meal at the Fethiye Fish Market is one of the must do activities to experience whilst on holiday in Fethiye, Oludeniz, Calis or Hisaronu.



  1. Living in Ciftlik I use the Thursday market in the village. There is a “fishmonger” who has a large tank, filled with trout, on the back of a small wagon. Just ask for a fish and its scooped out of the tank, alive, gutted and washed for 2 lira each. From market to grill in less than 10 minutes

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