One of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements of the world and with a name unchanged for at least four millennia, Adana was a market town at the Cilicia plain and one of the gateways from Europe to the Middle East. The city turned into a powerhouse of Cilicia with the Turkic takeover in 1359

21st century Adana, the sixth-largest city in Turkey and the largest city in the Mediterranean Region’ is an important manufacturing centre with its origins rooted in commerce and trade.

The city lies on the Seyhan River which is spanned by a stone bridge built by Hadrian.

Adana is famous for its speciality kebab, which is made of highly spiced minced meat pressed onto a skewer and grilled. This is served with şalgam’ a drink made from black carrots and turnip juice.

But enough from us, let’s take a look at the best of Adana with Mick and Trudie …

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