There is something magical and beautiful about autumn in Turkey.

The sweltering summer sun cools and a chill creeps into the air. The harsh sunlight mellows, adding new tones and vibrancy to colors, and the green of summer changes to a canvas of autumn browns, reds and golds.

The mild temperatures and incredible displays of vibrant colors, make autumn one of the best times to visit – and some areas are even more inviting than in the summer.

Here are some of the popular autumn destinations in Turkey.

Yedigöller National Park

The national parks of Turkey are particularly attractive in the fall when the trees begin to shed their leaves. Yedigöller National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in Turkey, and one of the top destinations to visit in autumn.

Set amid the provincial borders of Bolu in the Western Black Sea, Yedigöller takes its name from the seven lakes in the park, which are connected by hiking trails

Lake Abant

Lake Abant, a freshwater lake, is a national park in northwest Turkey’s Bolu. 

A three-hour drive from Istanbul, the lake, formed as a result of a landslide, offers spectacular views every season of the year.

There isn’t too much to do or see in Abant, nonetheless, a visit to this heavenly corner of Turkey is sure to be memorable.

The Black Sea

The Black Sea region is home to breath-taking natural landscapes, verdant colors and fresh mountain air. In autumn, the area is truly stunning, especially in the forested landscapes such as Artvin, Kastamonu and Şavşat.

Autumn in Istanbul

Autumn is also the ideal season to visit Istanbul because it is neither too hot nor too cold. As the summer ends, the central districts of the city re-fill and the lively and bustling Istanbul life reappears

Taking a Bosphorus cruise in Istanbul during the autumn is a beautiful experience, as the waterfront mansions are covered in the colours of the season.

Of course, Turkey is such a vast country with varying climatic conditions that you might just find yourself waking up to snow in October!

Sources: Daily Sabah/Anadolu Agency/Culture Trip