Written for Fethiye Times and with photos by Mike Vickers

Feature photo above: Graceful Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia

I can honestly say that my love affair with Turkey began in 1996 when I arrived in Ovacik for a week’s holiday at the Yakamoz Hotel with Jan, then my travelling partner and friend from Gloucester. I was smitten immediately by this charming, beautiful, friendly and cheerfully quirky country, and by the end of the holiday, although unaware at the time, some subtly indefinable but wonderful addiction for Turkey had wormed its way into my heart.

It’s still there!

So, after multiple visits over the decades since, and after a six-year spell of owning Yakamoz, and having married Jan ten years ago, when retirement finally beckoned, we both knew where we wanted to settle. Arriving in 2019, we set up home firstly in Kayaköy and then later in Fethiye, where we now currently live.

I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs, and one of my tasks, when we were downsizing our chattels (what a great word!) prior to our departure from the UK, was to haul down my great big box of old photos from the attic to see what could go and what could stay. Up until that moment, I must admit I’d never thrown away a photo. Ever.

For a start, all the negatives were no longer needed – photos can now be scanned and digitized, so there’s no point in keeping them. Next to go were the shots of mysterious objects I could not identify, of people I no longer recognized and everything that was out of focus, plus my surprisingly extensive collection of accidental photos of my feet. All went, just leaving me with what’s precious, now housed in a much smaller box!

The digital revolution has changed photography beyond recognition and actual cameras are something of a rarity these days. I do admit that I prefer to use one by choice, even though most people now take and store their photos on their phones. The internet has also allowed everyone to share their images through social media, plus there are now some amazing services that were unimaginable twenty years ago, including website design.

Mick Vick Travels

So, with the thick end of 16,000 photos on my computer’s hard drive going back to 2005, I thought it was now a good time for me to share as well. The result is mickvicktravels.com

I feel quite strongly that it is my obligation, as well as my real pleasure, to show those coming along after me some of the wonderful things I’ve seen myself over the years. Perhaps this is one of the most significant responsibilities of us more mature folk – to offer our accumulated knowledge(er), wisdom(?) and experience(you’re kidding!) to the younger generations. Whether or not they choose to take any notice is up to them, of course, but in this particular instance, all I’m simply saying is, ‘Go look at this or that. It’s wonderful, so get out there and see it for yourself. You’ll have a great time.

Almost all of the articles I’ve written for Fethiye Times over the last few years are going onto the website and I’ll be adding new content in due course, including stories and photos from some of the other countries Jan and I have visited, such as Portugal, Sri Lanka, Malta and even Belgium! I invite you all to drop by and take a look and I hope very much that you’ll find the website is full of light, colour and smiles. Especially smiles.

The mickvicktravels.com website has been constructed by Adam and I think he’s done a superb job. If you’re thinking of pursuing a similar course, or indeed have any technical problems or questions on matters digital, there’s not much he doesn’t know. Adam can be contacted on 0546 210 1262.