Over on Facebook, for the last year and a half, Fethiye Times has been inviting readers to share their pictures on a weekly theme, which we’ve then posted on Saturday mornings.

Of course, the project has generated a sense of community and participation among our regulars but it’s also helped to promote the area to new readers.

However, by its nature, social media is a transient thing and, after a while the images vanish – at least from public view.

A new home

We’ve therefore decided to give them a more readily accessible home on our website.

We’ll still be asking our readers to share their images and you’ll still be able to access them from Facebook – but their permanent home will be right here on the Fethiye Times website instead.

Also, readers who want to be part of the gallery needn’t wait for us to announce a theme. If they have 15 images (or fewer) of a particular destination or event relevant to a visit to Turkey, then all they need to do is send them in via Facebook Messenger or email at fethiyetimes2017@gmail.com and we’ll add them to the list for publication.

Quality counts

One thing though; as they will now be published on a website rather than Facebook, they need to meet certain criteria with regard to quality and resolution. For example, images less than 1MG in size may lose a little during electronic distribution. We’ll also need a little detail about the visit they relate to for inclusion in a short article to go with every submission.

We thought we’d kick off with Kıdrak this week – the often-overlooked pebbly beach between Ölüdeniz and Faralya.

If you haven’t been before and would like to visit yourself, there are admission fees to pay and charges for sunbeds and umbrellas but they remain much the same as the other council-run beaches. There are showers, toilets and changing rooms too as well as a bistro-style cafe serving simple meals, beers, soft drinks and ice cream.

The beach is on the dolmuş route to Faralya and Kabak but also a regular stop for taxis from Ölüdeniz. Simply, find one, hop in and ask the driver for Kıdrak (pronounced Kud-rak) and you’ll be there in a few minutes.

But, if you have some pictures of your favourite spot, why not send them in? We’ll share them here and on Facebook along with your tips and thoughts on a visit.

So where are you taking us next…?