This article was written by Judith Tekin for Fethiye Times.

The theme for this months article is “Believing in ones self” and I’m hoping it’s uplifting to read .

In our world full of changes we all need to believe in ourselves knowing that things will work out well. Every morning when we wake up have a brand new 24 hours, what a precious gift it is. How lucky we are to be alive. 

In recent months we have all had to stand strong trying to keep safe working through some difficult times and situations in the knowledge that times are now improving.

We are all in this situation together of course. 

When we believe in ourselves we know our true worth and the quality of our lives is enhanced. We accept who we are and feel proud of the person we have become. This positive energy and confidence we retain give us a major lift as we recognize our abilities and become optimistic in life. Of course, we are all unique and we should be, none of us wants to be a cardboard cut out of someone else, do we? 

If we believe we are not able to do something then we don’t always give our full effort into it so achievement can be greatly reduced. Think about it. 

We must believe in ourselves as otherwise why should anyone else wish to believe in us? 

We are all part of the never-ending cycles of change in the universe. It’s exciting, thought-provoking and real.

Believing, means so many things and I tend to think if we have feelings of self-worth, confidence, self-trust and autonomy our efforts will result in us being able to live the life we choose to lead.

We learn from our childhood, family life, working life and solitary life and how we view ourselves determines how we measure our own value. We need to access our highest potential to create our lives path. We must all try to stay positive.

I’m sure we all find as we move through life that the moments we really lived well are those moments when we did things in the spirit of love and self-belief. Yes, it’s not luck, resources, background or connections that inevitably create successful people but self-belief when we have the confidence to believe in whatever we do.

Let’s realize that our actions are a reflection of our innermost values and thoughts.

I try to understand that whilst there will always be some negativity beyond our control,  our world is a pretty reasonable one to be in.

When our expectations are favourable I think it creates a positive mental attitude towards people and events, which in turn respond positively. 

Whilst I recognize that we can’t be cheerful and optimistic all the time at least we can try. 

Luckily I’ve always had confidence and took many calculated risks which generally turned out very well. Exciting too! I won’t elaborate! 

It’s called “A self-fulfilling prophecy “

Confidence is from the outcome of thoughts and actions and it’s always necessary to try to believe in our ability to succeed. 

When a child, high standards were always an important factor in our family and I always had faith that I could complete what was asked of me.

My father would say “ I would never ask you to do something I could not do myself” 

This included driving from age 11 being taught to drive at disused airfields. It came in handy as my father would ask me to move vehicles and re-park them elsewhere at his works. I did it as I knew I could. 

I  learned so many skills from my parents that came in handy when an adult in charge of my own life. At one time I had so much confidence in my self that I trusted I could complete anything within my ability .

Of course as a child I didn’t always appreciate the skills I was taught but it sure did provide me with much needed this world having the skills we required to accomplish  experience later on.

I learnt to tile walls and floors, drive,  clean bricks, drive machinery, decorate, fit doors and windows, demolish buildings and many tasks normally anticipated that boys did,  but my parents had two girls! 

Whilst I’m pleased now, I wasn’t at the time! .

None of us came into this world having skills and it’s thanks to our nurturing that we are who we all are today. 

When we stretch ourselves we realize that we are all unique and learn from one another and always keep learning .It never stops does it ?

I encourage all of you never to compromise your potential due to your own self-limiting doubts. Instead embrace things, do things step by step with confidence as we can complete most things within our abilities. 

Life does inspire us all to try to move forward and achieve whatever we wish. Ideas and projects are always whizzing about in my head for future reference. If we don’t have confidence how can we succeed in anything? 

Confidence comes from not always being right, but from not fearing to be wrong and accept challenges. It’s also useful to reflect on our track record to move forward with more comfort.

Most of do question our abilities from time to time as it’s part of our humanity .

But when we do achieve well, how wonderful it feels .

Remember positive thoughts have tremendous power.

It doesn’t matter if thousands of people believe in you unless you truly believe in yourselves .

It’s satisfying to create our own dreams which turn into actions. 

Remember a tiny bud has to push through a hard shell to reach the light and become a  beautiful flower and we must always stay positive like this and never give up hope. We  need to get into action to enjoy this glorious life at our own pace whatever that is. 

Remember what they always say “ We can not discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of our familiar shores “ I believed moving to Turkey was a great idea and my belief system worked on it for quite a while and in the end, I was encouraged to develop and change and seek new horizons and now Turkey is my home. 

Treating ourselves with a nurturing nature in the understanding that we are deserving human beings is an important aspect of developing our own self-belief system.

We must treat ourselves with as much respect, kindness and dignity as we treat others. 

My parents always said “Where there is a will there is a way” – believing this we can be half way to achieving our desires don’t you think ?

I tend to plan things and the more it develops the more determined I become which builds up a self-belief that it’s possible. When it works satisfactorily my self belief increases.

And so our belief system grows daily and isn’t it a wonderful characteristic for humanity? We often push ourselves through difficult times but come out stronger.

It matters not how old we are to try to get the best out of our lives.

Each moment we can appreciate and be grateful for all the good things that come our way. It creates faith in ourselves as well as acknowledging tasks we are unable to do

At the end of the day try to stay positive in the knowledge that you can succeed in what you really set out to do.  No one knows you better than you know yourself. You know your strengths and weaknesses and doesn’t life just take us on a journey where we find out who we are and what makes us tick.?

I like to think life is a daring adventure or nothing and we must dream and begin with actions. Life is about living our dreams and believing in ourselves.

I try to not give up and stand up for what I believe in as long as it does not harm anyone or anything. 

We all have our own responsibility to live up to our true potential despite the challenges we face along the way. My first dream was at art school where I loved every minute and as a child travelling with our parents to expand our awareness in life. It’s no wonder I ended up here in Turkey.

Being ourselves is a motivation and determination to move forward in life despite any obstacles faced along the way, keeping the strength to go forward and as the saying goes “Do it because you can” 

In later life, my dreams changed with a university degree and I always wanted to somehow empower the needy, eradicate social inequality and have to say I just had to do my best. The best is all we can do. It was a dream and I did it for 30 years.

We are all inspired somehow by a great purpose or extraordinary task or project  we have in mind.

Our thoughts break their bonds and our minds transcend limitations in all directions We then find ourselves in our new reality where our talents and experiences become alive and we discover ourselves to be better people much more than we dreamed of. 

So I say confidently walk in the direction of your dreams and live the life you’ve imagined step by step. When things take time patience is the key as things don’t always materialize immediately. 

When you think about it, hope always helps us to recover from any stress we may feel and gives us the courage to keep believing in ourselves.

Hope also provides the gift of faith, knowing to believe, be positive and keep motivated .it also reminds us to be compassionate and kind as we all walk different paths in life. Hope I do think improves our well-being, provides better peace of mind and an ability to believe in ourselves.

 Believe is also a firm of expectation and is a universal word crossing all human boundaries, age, class, gender, ethnicity and others. 

When you believe in yourself no proof is necessary but if you don’t believe in yourself no proof is ever possible .

And so we approach life positively and can turn around life situations believing that we can trust that things will work out well, be proud of our accomplishments and enjoy life.

If we are in a situation requiring change start doing something about it .

I have an inspiring picture and it says “Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think “  also love – “ She believed she could so she did “ 

Be that person who cares and loves and does things without hesitation and trust in your heart as it’s usually right . Every moment of our lives is creative in some way and our universe is endlessly bountiful so make that impact upon your life now.

We must try not to dwell on the past as the time is now and this matters. 

Never forget the highest appreciation in life is not always speaking words but living by them. Nurture our strengths of spirit to be able to be ourselves in a world that’s constantly changing.

When we are interested in what we do, it’s a real possession in the changing fortunes of time and so strive to be happy .

Do any of you remember Max Ehrmann’s famous poem which is still inspiring and in essence tells us to be ourselves, be cheerful no matter what life throws at us and remember what peace there can be in silence?

Written four centuries ago it’s saying really that we need to, live a meaningful life believing in ourselves and must learn to avoid negativity to focus an a bright future ahead.

This 17th-century poem still retains the same meaning today. To trust and believe in ourselves by being dignified, self-assertive, kind and ever being disrespectful to others. Hard to live up to but let’s try. Happy days folk.