This article was written by Judith Tekin for Fethiye Times.

As human beings we are all a part of nature and must learn to protect it.

By discovering nature we discover ourselves and there is nothing so sweet as being able to appreciate first-hand all of it around us and “ Nature “ is the theme for this article.

It’s a fact that the better we understand what we see, the more enjoyable every moment spent outside with it becomes.

There are so many clues about if we just step back a bit and look, telling us where we are, what the weather is going to do, and even what’s underground. It makes us pause a while to decipher it all.

Clouds are unique as you will never see the exact formation twice. Everything is connected and as we know our landscapes are defined by water and rocks.

Thoughts on "Nature"

Glaciers carved the wide U-shaped valleys and left waterfalls. Rivers meander and alkaline porous rocks create few lakes or ponds but do create masses of flowers and insects, whereas in acidic granite areas, water can be held above sea level giving us marvels of nature. 

In Turkey, there are millions of underground natural water sources and many of us have artesian wells in our gardens and never run short of water.

We are surrounded by nature, water, air, the sun we soak up, birds, fish and natural growth as well as the atmospheric wonder of the sun, moon and stars. 

Everything is rich and vibrant and made up of both living and none living things In existence millions of year’s before man and we sure need to preserve it and not destroy it.

Nowadays we all appreciate even more the need to maintain a balance between the ecosystem and life within it. 
It inspires us to flow like the rivers, to be an actual part of it all and enjoy walks and as much time as we can out in the wonderful fresh air.

Everything we do has an effect outwards and upwards and I feel inspired to share my thoughts with you all.

Turkey never ceases to amaze me with its multitude of flowers, shrubs and magnificent trees. The abundant forests everywhere give us much oxygen and how wonderful is that? 

This whole world is in fact full of outstanding nature and endlessly fills us with new knowledge and, with this information, we are never alone and connected with it.

Particularly now, we all need to allow the peace of nature to flow through us as the sun flows into all creation.

We can enjoy simplicity by walking in woods and natural areas, being soothed and healed by the experiences which help to put all our senses into order.

Thoughts on "Nature"

We all need to find these places where nature has not been rearranged by the hands of man. The human spirit needs this and as we meander in the beautiful Turkish countryside we can feel the magic touch of the Spirit of Nature around us. 

Of course, there are a multitude of reasons why we enjoy living here in Turkey; the weather, fresh air, the Turkish culture and friendly people who help us to enjoy a healthy and more peaceful life.

When I think about it Turkey attracts many artists, writers, poets and such who are lovers of the unspoiled countryside. 

Nature is a force that can take us into the world of imagination, producing lofty ideas, feelings and emotions. 

Wordsworth was a famous poet who wrote much about nature. Do you remember this one?

“ When all at once I saw a crowd,  a host of golden daffodils. Beside the lake, beneath the trees. Fluttering and dancing in the breeze”

Thoughts on "Nature"

Being close to nature broadens our outlook and expands our awareness as we explore the mysteries of this world.

As a child I had a Wildflower Book and enjoyed spotting the first spring flowers and learning about each and every one of them, pressing them to preserve them to add to my beautiful book. I took meticulous care to create natural works of art. We wrote about where and when they were found too. We knew the names of all the wildflowers, birds, fish and trees and learned to recognise nature around us.

I’m hoping that all children do not forget such ideas as wildflower books and keep in touch with nature. 

When we walk in forests we should feel at home with the trees and the subtle magnetism in being there with nature.

It can give us knowledge, peace, and the ability to access the greatest of life’s natural secrets hidden in often the most unlikely places. Often we need a curious mind to understand the magic of it all.

Nature’s secret is patience and we need to fill our lives more with natural adventures, not things. Many wild things have stories to reveal, are wild and free and beckon us to search deeper into their reality. We can never know enough and each day we learn more, no matter how old we are. 

As I write this, the blossoms are showering their glory on the many different fruit trees and spring is in full swing. The snow has almost melted on the mountain tops and in its wake, we have a harvest of beautiful spring flowers. 
The air is perfumed by their different scents and they are natural works of art and we have many roses in bloom already.

Thoughts on "Nature"

Temperatures are becoming milder and it’s good to merge in Turkish local life, safety permitting of course. 

Turkey’s rich culture spans thousands of years with incredible history everywhere. From ancient cities to natural thermal baths.

My husband and I just love the ultimate tranquillity, healing and relaxation in natural thermal baths full of nutrient., especially good for skin complaints or in my case arthritis. Our nearest ones are not far away.

In terms of botanical life and ecological richness, Turkey has many wetland habitats which attract and shelter millions of birds that arrive during migration with approx 460 different bird species.

There are endless national parks, lakes, rivers, deltas and lagoons where nature is protected. Thousands of islands each with their own characteristic beauty offshore.

Thoughts on "Nature"
Thoughts on "Nature"

There are so many unmapped streams developing, untouched by man and of course in Turkey, we have an unlimited water supply. I always find it comforting to see the many wells and taps with free water sources by the side of roads. How accommodating is that? 

As Turkey is such a vast country I cannot imagine that anyone could discover all of its natural wonders.

I studied and wrote in detail about the Antalya, Fethiye, Bodrum , Izmir and Istanbul regions some time ago for a tourism company and was in awe of it all. An incredible history spanning thousands of years right here with us to learn about and see for ourselves.

I just love Waterfalls and often paint them and here in Turkey, there are undoubtedly some of the most attractive and unique formations here on earth.

Some drizzle over rocks, larger ones pounding fiercely onto rocks tumbling down the mountain into pure clear deep serenity pools at the base.  Looking like a showering wall of silver, blues greys, greens and purples often with sprays and natural rainbow formations.

These are the enchanted natural spaces and we can also encounter streams that flow like liquid crystal with the water washing away the forest loam. They are fully charged with the energy of the elements, with revitalising properties good for our better health.

Within many of the enchanting places in nature, many well-known myths and legends developed.

Our ancestors understood the call of the Forest and the song and power of nature, hearing it through the trees and just maybe, we can too if we listen hard enough. 

We make deep connections with our earth and beauty is the salutation of the great spirit behind all life.

We may find places of unique natural energies, historical legends and universal worship and miracles of life.
We need to spend as much time as we can outdoors.

My seeds have germinated and young shoots are now becoming young plants. I have tomatoes of various varieties, lettuces, spring onions, garlic, cucumber and peppers, aubergine’s and melons still very fragile but growing nicely.
Alongside them, I have many herbs and there’s nothing nicer than to be able to gather them when required, and there are lemons are still on the trees, although we have used the majority of them already.

As the land continues to embrace the sun we grow our flowers, vegetables and fruits with great enthusiasm and hope.

The land shines with a colourful glow as Spring has awoken all. We already have many roses, geraniums, flowering cacti, hyacinths and many different coloured blooms in the garden showing their beauty, but most of all the blossoms from the fruit trees and their fragrances at this time are just heavenly. Planted flowers are growing spontaneously alongside beautiful wildflowers displaying their own little bit of exquisite beauty, -a shame to weed.

When walking on our beautiful local beaches here near Çiftlik, we see flowers are emerging giving us a free source of pleasure before our eyes. Gives us the peace and tranquillity needed.

We sit down and enjoy the scenery and waves gently lashing on the shore.

Thoughts on "Nature"

There is always a need for each of us to look and listen as at times we are so absorbed in our own thinking that we fail to notice things in a superbly different way.

We need these times to slow down and appreciate the wild open spaces and endless mountain ranges. It’s often the wonder of the unknown and the mystery of how our world evolved that comes to mind as we try to fathom how we fitted into this universe. To marvel at creation and nature and the mystic energy around us all, but we cannot fathom it all.

It’s favourable to be thrilled by the atmosphere, the stars at night, the cloud formation, morning mists and all the incredible artistry of our natural world with all the creatures that inhabit it. We are all lucky for each and every one of us to be a part of this incredible creation.

 As a child, I was brought up in nature with totally green and wild environments surrounding us. My sister and I climbed trees, Rocks, mountains, navigated streams and rivers, walked in forests and swam in many rivers and lakes. We travelled a lot with our parents to many wild and wonderful places home and abroad – to expand our horizons they said.

Being in tune with nature helps us all to become what we are today and time spent in nature is never a waste of time. 

Nature has to be the most important and integral part of mankind and the greatest of blessings for human beings so let’s enjoy it.

We are all adapting to change now as events sadly changed our current lives beyond our known realities.

Thankfully nature doesn’t know about this and develops as normal. Hopefully, all will settle once again and give us new horizons crucial to our present and future paths in life. But dreams and life cannot take shape unless we help them to happen. I’m hoping the power of positivity, wisdom, optimism and being sensible will help us all to create our future plans with more freedom being safe.

So I say let’s all choose happiness today and goodness of heart as we all experience and be grateful for the miracle of being alive.

 It’s time to seek out the new fresh spring vegetables, peas, beans, baby tomatoes and the delightful array we can find in our Turkish open markets.

They do give us an all year round, amazing spectacle of colour and fresh produce on our doorstep, with markets in most villages and towns.

But there is also the pleasure of cultivating our own herb gardens to pick at will, eat and enjoy. 

We all know the good feeling of being here in Turkey and hope that many new visitors will arrive to enjoy it all too and we can educate others about its merits.

We can all at some point appreciate the seashores, islands, colours, temperature, natural fauna, local villages and just the feel of it all. Even the feeling of sands and sea beneath our feet and through our toes. Pure heaven. All colours everywhere, bliss and a natural picture in front of our eyes. 

We need to be consciously aware of the natural world to enjoy our journey in life, step by step alongside nature with love in our hearts.

Happy days