This blog was written by Judith Tekin for Fethiye Times. Photos by Judith Tekin.

The theme for my blog this month is about living in the moment and appreciating our present and all that we are.

It will soon be March and spring is on its way with longer days and much cheerfulness.

I believe that we all look forward to more sunshine and appreciate the pleasant climate here in Turkey. I notice that some of the spring flowers are already emerging, the grass is such a vibrant green colour and buds are already appearing on trees. Nature has awoken and started her journey without interruption.

Living in the moment

People are feeling some uncertainties about the prospects in life due to the pandemic. However, we trust in the knowledge that things are steadily improving. So trust in the moments. Positivity is the word. The future is always a mystery and so we take things one day at a time at our own pace so that all will be well.

Living in the moment stops us from fretting about the future and here in Turkey, what is there not to love?.

We live happily and whatever our life situation may be, we realize life is not a dress rehearsal. I always remember what my mother always said “Look and you will find it, whatever is unsought will go undetected”, a very wise lady indeed born in 1900.

Some things never change and there are so many amazing destinations, often hidden gems right on our doorstep. Rivers, streams, canyons, waterfalls and the most incredible ancient sites located off the beaten track. Oh, how lucky we really are!

Living in the moment

The paths less travelled

I have always loved the paths less travelled and it’s been part of my lifestyle for many years. Now living here in Turkey there is always an adventure waiting to be found. So I say, let us all live to the fullest expression of ourselves.

It’s nearly March and the time for adventures no matter how short. Much more sunshine with a few showers and magnificence unravelling right around us. So take that drive, walk through those mountains, villages, forest trails, and places all so unique and so worth exploring. An adventure waiting to be brought about.

It lifts your spirits just being here. Enjoy the many quiet and stunningly beautiful beaches. Follow the forest paths with spring winds about and feel that lovely breeze running through your hair. Healthy and invigorating.

Just appreciate life for what it is and can be. We are so lucky to be sharing such a rich culture with our friends or families who make our lives so worthwhile. It reminds me where I wish to be and I look forward to each getaway in the Turkish countryside, even if it’s only for a few hours and I greatly appreciate it all.

We also connect in different ways with people who share our interests in life’s unique journey, by telephone, the internet or any other safe way.

Life surely becomes more memorable and increases our sense of belonging, which generates a feel-good factor. I look forward to a group chat with my family in the UK each Sunday over the internet. No matter how short a time we communicate I feel loved. All of us have these special little moments that illustrate a deep meaning and that includes time with animals and other creatures that share precious times with us.

These special moments are our life and quite often we don’t realize at the time that we could be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

We get on with our lives step by step and do things we really care about, often with no need to rush. We live in the present positively making it as beautiful as we can in order that it’s worth remembering. We arise each new day, take a deep breath to enjoy yet another new beginning, being grateful for what we have in the present.

It’s useful to write a gratitude list or maybe develop a life journal. It promotes positive thinking and we can refer to it when needed. Whilst life can at times be challenging for us all, we get through it by staying focused on the present, while achieving things one day at a time or even moments at a time. So I say let’s all dream as big as we can.

We may make a few mistakes because humans do, but by taking on life with a positive attitude, much can be overcome. Life is too short and we need to do what we love doing that is good for our mind, body and soul. I’ve always loved experimenting in art, but in reality life is an experiment and the more we try the better it can get. We feel inner peace, enjoy laughter, joy and keep making outstanding memories to add to our memory bank. We don’t know what the future may hold so, let’s make the best of it.

Life can be full of so much interest and we are part of such an exciting culture here in Turkey. There are so many interesting and stunning things surrounding us that we are so blessed to be where we are right now, wherever that may be.

We can start to peek at our gardens now to see what needs doing to improve things, and we have been cutting back overgrown foliage in our garden that grew massively this summertime. Many useful happy hours spent during the weekend lockdown.

I’m thinking that maybe this big wide world of ours needed time out. The virus has given us and the world at large, time to appreciate what has been forgotten in order that we can now grasp first hand what really matters to us all in life.

With unpredictable times, we now need to make tentative plans to look forward to our future. We are all looking at life with a different perspective to a large extent and must count ourselves lucky for most of us, to be where we are right now.

Natural beauty takes on a different hue and no longer is a brief distraction from our mighty destiny, but a genuine pleasure to look at the transcendent beauty of everyday life in more detail. When things settle down we will all value life so much more, appreciating freedom and being able to be ourselves. We are all in charge of our own destiny after all.

For today let’s try to be more compassionate and stretch out to someone who may be lonely or feeling fragile at this moment in time, in any safe and appropriate way. We don’t always know how people feel inside, but when we glimpse a need, the smallest act of kindness and consideration matters a lot. Even the strongest of people at times need a shoulder to cry on and if you are that person believe in yourself and gather sustenance from the positive people around you. Sometimes we all need a little time and patience to let the light of life and joy shine -through again.

Friendships are not always about whom we have known the longest but people who walked into our lives and enriched them. They bring good energy into our souls and help to keep us inspired. Quite often blessings in our lives arrive unexpectedly. True friends see the beauty of our inner self, loving us as we are. If you are feeling lonely imagine that your dearest friends are by your side as you know that you will always have a special place in their hearts. Reminisce when you choose as it’s those past memories that made us what we are today and should be cherished. Life is too short to save it for tomorrow and so live well and listen to your heart as it’s generally a good advisor. Dream and I hope your dreams will come true as life is transient and we must live life to the full.

As we grow older, through life journeys and experiences we gain wisdom and must never forget that. What was seen as old years ago has been reinvented and now age is purely a number. It’s good to be wherever our hearts lead us and for me, it’s in Turkey with my Turkish husband and rescued animals.

It’s a time for self-discovery through art, writing and appreciating the Turkish culture. My curiosity never ceases to amaze me and like many others, it adds spice to life.

I conclude by saying, enjoy your lives, stay positive and remember the sun shines most days and we are very blessed. This Turkish culture provides a fascinating lifestyle always evolving as we keep learning, adapting and opening our eyes to all manner of good and new experiences.

Each day I open the window to my world bringing in light to flood me with hope and positivity. Fresh air fills me with awe as I welcome the time to expand my horizons and so can we all.

Happy day folks…

Judith Tekin

Fethiye Times in 2021

Judith is from North Yorkshire where she lived with her three children. Initially qualifying as a shorthand typist / book-keeper, she then attended art college for three years and had her own pottery and design studio. A further career change took her to university to where she qualified as a mental health professional, a career that spanned 30 years.

In 2009, Judith retired at 65 years of age and moved here permanently. She now lives in Ciftlik with her Turkish husband and fourteen rescued animals. Loving art of any description, the Turkish culture, travel and history prompted Judith to write her own blogs to lift to peoples’ spirits and keep them feeling positive. “Turkey and living here is my dream and I’m very happy to be a contributor to Fethiye Times.”


  1. What a wonderful article; so full of hope for the future and joy in our present. Being grateful for what we have now helps us to get through these difficult times. Thank you for such encouragement to love our lives in the present and enjoy what we have.

  2. A lovely,gentle ,evocative piece of writing,extolling the virtues of nature,positivity and light.Really enjoyed reading this and I look forward to more

    • Thank you for your feedback Steve. We are very happy to hear you enjoyed the article. Judith writes a monthly article for us so watch out for more.

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