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Hayed start fundraising events again

Thank you to Sian Midgley for the update.

Now that many of the Covid 19 restrictions have been lifted, charities can start to schedule fundraising events again and Hayed are no exception.

Late last month they began to hold their regular Table Top event at the Bambu, and more recently they kickstarted their Coffee Mornings at the Nil Bar, all whilst observing the social distancing and mask wearing rules.

Charity News – week ending 12 July 2020 - Hayed start fundraising events again

Hayed have been fortunate enough to receive regular donations during the lockdown but, let’s face it, nothing opens a purse quicker than the promise of a freshly baked sausage roll followed by a delicious morsel of lemon cheesecake.

Charity News – week ending 12 July 2020 - Hayed start fundraising events again

With these regular events now back in the calendar they hope to be able to clear some of the debts they have incurred at their nominated veterinary clinics who have been nothing but patient during these tough times.

If you wish to support the charity by attending these events, or by making a donation of money or items for their table top & shop and are interested to see where the money is being spent, please take a look at their website and Facebook pages.