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Clean-up group tackle littering in Hisarönü

Sedge Seckin, owner of Legends Karaoke Bar in Hisarönü is a well known face in the area, but Sedge is more than just a local businessman, he’s a lover of the environment and spends his time when he’s not working, walking the many trails around Hisarönü.

The ongoing issue with rubbish has been pushed onto the back burner with the event of the coronavirus pandemic, but with things starting to get back to the new normal, Sedge decided it was time to start to do something about it and, with the help of Mahmut Bayraktar, department manager from the Directorate of the Environment and Fethiye Municipality, organised a clean up to take place on Friday afternoon (19 June).

Around 30 people turned up at the Municipality building in Hisarönü to take part in the clean up. The group was split and tackled two areas, the road leading to the start of the Lycian way and the stretch of the Kayaköy road from Hisarönü.

The clean up was also attended by Mick Scarsbrook, aka Mick Amca, whose video about the rubbish problem went viral a few years ago. Mick did some filming and we’ll be bringing you his video later in the week.

Music while you “pick up”

Mahmut managed to surprise organiser Sedge by arranging for members of Fethiye Municipality Band to come along and provide some music while the group picked up. Only in Turkey…

The group collected a total of 150 bags of rubbish, including empty bottles and cans, plastic, discarded food packaging and masks!

Take a look at the rest of our photographs from the day.

Sedge would like to thank everyone who came along and supported the clean up. Watch out for details of the next one.

Türkiye’yi Temiz Tutalım!


  1. This is brilliant.

    A big thank you to all.
    Me and my family can’t wait to visit again!

    ❤ Fethiye.

  2. We stayed in Ovacik for the last ten years, but last year decided not to stay again due to all the litter and rubbish dumped by roadsides, including mopeds, furniture and even old vehicles. Very pleased to see something is being done.

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