Thank you and well done to everyone who entered our gardening competition. The standard of entries was very high and there were some difficult decisions for our judges.

However, our judges, Lee Stevenson (our resident gardening contributor), Jan Jones and Mike Vickers (inaugural members of the previous Fethiye Times Gardening Club and regular Fethiye Times contributors) finally picked the winners.

A message from the judges.

“The results are in!

It goes without saying that everyone who entered need thanking for their efforts and although the decisions were unanimous, it wasn’t an easy task.

We took into account colour, use of space, potential smells, variety and placement. We also took into account the feel of the space and how gardens had truly nurtured and nourished their curators in this time of uncertainty.

Finally, we looked at how much time we would want to spend in these splendid havens of hospitality and decided that when we can socialise, we will hunt these pieces of paradise down and make ourselves at home!

The winners, unanimously decided by all three of us – are“…

Winner of the Best Garden category: Kathryn Jarvis

“During our time here in this beautiful country, have we been grateful for our garden. During this trying time for us all, to sit and admire all our pleasurable efforts make our haven a truly magical place to be. Watching the wildlife, colours and growth happening before our eyes is truly a joy.”

Best Garden category – highly commended: Rose Eggins

“Because of the present situation and staying at home, I’ve enjoyed making my garden as tranquil and beautiful as possible , to enjoy in beautiful Turkey, where we have lived for the last 6 years.”

Winner of the Best Balcony category: Trudy Anne

“Our balcony garden has had a tremendous effect on our wellbeing during the lockdown. Every single day we enjoyed the ever changing blooms looking out to the mountains and sea.”

Best Balcony category – highly commended: Kaz Smith

“Here are a few photos of my balcony in Kayaköy. Living alone, my garden and my two dogs have made my life at home a very happy place.”

Winner of the Best Poolside Terrace category: Sue and Peter Saunders

“For us over 65, ( l know it’s hard to believe we are ) being able to get out into the garden as been great way of getting through the past few weeks. Apart from the constant interference from the assistant gardener, we are very pleased with the results. Like all gardens, this is not the end result as it will continue to evolve over the next few months. Keep well and safe.”

Best Poolside Terrace category – highly commended: Sue Pyke

“Here are a few pictures of my big poolside contemporary garden. I look after my garden myself. The lockdown has been lovely to catch up on cutting hedges/ conifers etc as I am busy helping the animal charity’s and feeding daily. I deadhead the flowers and cut dead flowers and water every day.”

What’s next?

We will contact the winners to arrange a visit and presentation of prizes. We will obviously have to take into consideration any curfew restrictions so please bear with us.

A final word…

With so many keen gardeners in the area, the potential for resurrecting the Fethiye Times Gardening Club is huge! Let us know what you think.


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