The coronavirus crisis is forcing people to stay at home and many people have taken advantage of the extra time to tackle some of those jobs they “never have time” to do.

Getting out and working in the garden seems to be one of the more popular pastimes and we’ve noticed many posts about gardens and photographs of beautiful homegrown plants and flowers on social media. When it was suggested that Fethiye Times hosted a flower show we thought, what a great idea.

Here goes…

Fethiye Flower Show – gardening competition

The Fethiye Flower Show competition will take place throughout the month of May.

Gardeners in Fethiye – and local areas – are invited to show off their efforts by entering a competition to find the best homegrown garden and plant displays.

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes, some people have big gardens, some small, some none at all and many make balcony or terrace gardens. To give everyone a chance, the competition will be judged in three categories:

Best garden

Best balcony

Best poolside terrace

And for those of you whose fingers are not quite so green…

The most unsuccessful potted plant

Entries will be judged by Lee Stevenson (An English Gardener in Çalış), Jan Jones and Mike Vickers, inaugural members of a previous local gardening club. The winner from each category will receive a prize.

Entries will be judged on:

Visual impact



As part of the competition, we’re also asking for a comment on how your garden is helping you through the curfews and staying-home days.

How to enter?

Anyone can submit an entry into one or more of the categories by sending photographs and a comment to Fethiye Times Facebook Messenger.

Photographs must be of your own balconies, poolside terraces or gardens and must be taken between Friday 8 May and Wednesday 27 May 2020.

The dates for submitting entries are from Wednesday 27 May to Friday 29 May 2020.

N.B. Please DO NOT send entries at any other time as they may be lost in the submissions for the usual weekly photo album on Fethiye Times.

The winners will be revealed on Sunday 31 May 2020 and will feature in an article on Fethiye Times during the following week.

Happy Gardening!

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