This article was written for Fethiye Times by Sian Midgley

A while ago I wrote an article about the local cycling groups but if two wheels aren’t your thing then how about two feet?

There are numerous English speaking walking groups in the area. All are happy for you to pop along and join them, whether you are here for a few weeks or for a few decades. Don’t worry if you haven’t got your own transport – the meeting points tend to be very accessible and there will usually be other drivers who will happily give you a lift to the start point (but please check via their Facebook first).

These Boots Were Made For Walking ...

Below you’ll find information on the most well known groups.

Fethiye Ramblers

The Fethiye Ramblers go out every Wednesday throughout the year, weather permitting. They meet around 9.30am for a 10am start, at a local designated point, and then usually drive somewhere to go for a walk. Most walks are around 10km-14km and last around 4 hours including a lunch stop, so don’t forget to bring your sarnies! 

Walks are posted on their Facebook page the Sunday beforehand, detailing walking route, expected distance and type of terrain.

Facebook: Fethiye Ramblers

Calis Walking (Running) Group

The Calis Walking Group meet every other Sunday throughout the year, weather permitting. They meet around 10.45am for an 11am start. (Please note that they are not walking during August this year).

The Calis Walking group is a social walking group and a walk is normally around 5km-7km (ish) that the average walker would do in about 1 to 1 and a half hours and is generally in the Calis/ Fethiye area. Afterwards there is an optional meal.

Walks are posted on their Facebook page the Monday beforehand.

Facebook: Calis Walking (Running) Group

Fethiye Hash House Harriers

‘A drinking club with a running problem’ – where there are no rules just traditions.

One of the oldest walking/running groups in the area, having started in 2005, The Fethiye Hash House Harriers meet every other Sunday throughout the year, weather permitting. They walk around 6km-7km over various terrains.

What makes the Harriers different is they often meet up with other Hashes in Turkey; Bodrum, Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, and get the chance to discover other areas of this beautiful country.

Walks are posted on their Facebook page beforehand giving full details of the following week’s walk.

Facebook: Fethiye Hash House Harriers

The OluDeniz Hash House Harriers

The OluDeniz Hash House Harriers meet every other Sunday throughout the year, weather permitting, alternating with the Calis Walking Group. They meet between 10.30am and 10.45am in different places depending on that day’s walk.

They are a non traditional Hash as they are more of a social walking group than the normal type of Hash (whose’s motto is ‘a drinking club with a walking problem’!). Walks are generally between 5km-7km and take around 1 to 1 and a half hours for the average person. Again, there is an optional meal arranged afterwards.

Walks are posted on their Facebook page the Monday beforehand.

Facebook: OluDeniz Hash House Harriers

Fethiye Wacky Walkers

The Fethiye Wacky Walkers meet every Wednesday at 11am between the months of September and the start of June, weather permitting. They meet at various places around the Fethiye area, with each start and end point being on a public transport route. 

Walks vary in type, from road walks, to walks through the forest and vary in terms of difficulty.  They aim to walk between 10km-12km depending on terrain, with each walk taking approximately 3 hours to complete. 

They are more of a social group than a serious walking group and everyone is welcome to pop along.

Walks are posted on their Facebook page the Sunday beforehand, where they will advise of underfoot conditions, length of the walk, and start and finishing points.

Facebook: Fethiye Wacky Walkers 

Seydikemer Walking Group

The Seydikemer Walking Group only operate in the cooler months and offer monthly walks in the beautiful countryside around Seydikemer.

Facebook: Seydikemer Walking Group

Snow Walks

These Boots Were Made For Walking ...

If you are here during the winter months and are looking for a different, and memorable, walking experience then why not go along to one of the Snow Walks. You do need to have a reasonable level of fitness and come fully prepared, with suitable clothing, crampons and gaiters.

Walks usually take place between January and March and are ad -hoc, as and when the weather permits. The meeting point is opposite the animal shelter in Çatalarık, then the cars go in convoy up to the mountains past Nif. Walks range drastically in distance, time and difficulty.

Facebook: Snow Walks

All photos supplied by David Tomkins & Dusty the Dog.

Sian moved to Fethiye from the UK in 2013. She’s previously been involved with 3Cs, Animal Aid (now Hayed) and the Çatalarık Kedi Evi. Now she jointly runs the Sustainable Living in Fethiye Facebook page where people ask questions and give advice on how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.Having discovered a love of the outdoors in recent years, more often than not, you’ll find her cycling or walking around the local villages or participating in various fitness classes. In her downtime, she likes nothing more than to be at home with her three pets, including her 4 year-old rescue dog who she openly admits is the love of her life.


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  1. Hello there. I visit calis over the past ten years in July and August residing at cenk bey. I am 66 years of age fit and healthy and walk and jog three times a week. I am retiring fully in Jan 2020 and looking to extend holiday’s in Sept and October 2020 in calis. I am looking for walking/running groups in the area for that period and possibly visits to istanbul. Can you help please.