Another busy weekend at the Fethiye Bowling Association when the Vice President’s Cup took place.  This competition is open only to members with a handicap of 8 or above but don’t let that fool you, some excellent bowling skills were to be seen on both days.

13 games were played on the first day of the competition with eight players going on to compete in the quarter-finals.   

Game 1 had Jill Patience defeating Colin Pritchett, Trevor Bush losing to Liz Iannone, John Holmes being shown the door by Alec Gordon and finally, Nick Alder being taught a lesson by Kath Watson.  

Semi-finals saw Jill P victorious again in a close encounter with Liz. Kath W was also equal to the task in another close fought game against Alec G.

Quick break and off to the finals with Jill facing off against Kath.  Another good game, with high levels of skill demonstrated by both but, as always, there has to be a winner and that turned out to be Jill.  So, well done Jill Patience and almost well done to Kath Watson.

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Featured photograph by Bev Tomkyns shows the winner of the FBA Vice President’s Cup, Jill Patience pictured with runner-up, Kath Watson.