This article was written for Fethiye Times by Sian Midgley

Some people love us, some people hate us but, no matter how you feel, there is no denying that cycling is a fantastic way to see the local area and get fit at the same time.

Since the arrival of the Fethiye to Çalış cycle lane, more and more people have been taking to two wheels and leaving the congestion, pollution and the search for that non-existent parking space behind.

Maybe you are one of these people? Maybe, now you’ve got the taste for it, you want to explore a bit more? Or maybe you are already a seasoned cyclist but don’t know the area that well? If you are any of these, or anything in between, then one (or more) of the nine local English speaking cycling groups could be what you are looking for.

Fethiye on Two Wheels
Getting out into the countryside on two wheels

Below, you’ll find details of all these groups, suitable for every range of ability.

Start points are usually in Fethiye or Çalış and start times change throughout the year depending on the general temperature, with some groups taking a break during the hottest months.

All groups insist you wear a helmet and I can personally recommend that you don’t try to take photos with one hand whilst going downhill or, like me, you might unexpectedly find yourself studying the sky from a horizontal position!

To find out exact details, contact the group you are interested in through their Facebook page.

Fethiye Easy Riders Cycling Group

Every Tuesday.

This is a group aimed at teaching people confidence in riding a bike, by instruction in the necessary skills to do so. It doesn’t matter if you are the proud owner of a high quality mountain bike or if you are still trundling around on a ‘shopping’ bike, this group caters for absolute beginners and occasional cyclists wanting to start on the road to fitness.

Facebook: Fethiye Easy Riders Cycling Group

Lekker Ding Cycling Group

Every Tuesday.

A step up from Easy Riders. For when you’ve moved on from your shopping bike and invested in a mountain bike and want to push yourself a little. Rides usually around 35km-50km.

Facebook: Lekker Ding Cycling Group

Smouldering Saddles Fethiye

Every Monday & Wednesday

A mountain biking group a little more challenging  than Lekker Ding with rides around 40k-60k.

Facebook: Smouldering Saddles Fethiye

Ghost Riders

Every Saturday or Sunday

A newly formed mountain biking group offering challenging rides of varying distances and difficulties.

Facebook: Ghost Riders

Mud, Sweat & Gears (Mountain Bikers Fethiye)

Every Tuesday & Friday

The ultimate mountain biking group offering bikers track and trail rides in excess of 80km.

Facebook: Mud Sweat & Gears (Mountain Bikers Fethiye)

Lost Souls Mountain Bikers (Fethiye)

Every Monday & Thursday

If you fancy going a little more off road on your mountain bike then this is the one for you.

Facebook: Lost Soul’s Mountain Bikers (Fethiye)

Blazing Saddles Fethiye

Every Thursday

For those of you who enjoy road biking on those impossibly thin tyres, Blazing Saddles offer rides generally between 60k-100k with 1,500m of climbing.

Facebook: Blazing Saddles Fethiye

Road Rascals Fethiye

Every Sunday

Another road biking group who offer rides over 100km on tarmac or chipped roads with plenty of lumps and bumps along the way.

Facebook: Road Rascals Fethiye


Every Thursday

If you own a mountain bike but like the feel of tarmac under your tyres then this is the group for you – mostly specialising in hill climbing, with rides between 50km and 80km.

Facebook: Wheel2Wheel

It’s not all about the distance

Of course, it’s not all about getting distances covered. It’s about the social side too. Every Spring, members from across all of the groups head over to Rhodes for a few day to take in the sights and cycle some of the routes the island has to offer. And, of course, there’s the now legendary Santa Bike Ride where everyone gets into festive fancy dress and cycles through Fethiye and Calis handing out sweets to bemused looking local families.

Fethiye on Two Wheels
The Santa Bike Ride is an annual event in Fethiye

So dust down your bike, grab a helmet, fill up a bottle of water and come and join us – we’d all love to see you.

Meet Sian…

Fethiye on Two Wheels
Sian with the love of her life, Cookie

Sian moved to Fethiye from the UK in 2013. She’s previously been involved with 3Cs, Animal Aid (now Hayed) and the Çatalarık Kedi Evi. Now she jointly runs the Sustainable Living in Fethiye Facebook page where people ask questions and give advice on how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. Having discovered a love of the outdoors in recent years, more often than not, you’ll find her cycling or walking around the local villages or participating in various fitness classes. In her downtime, she likes nothing more than to be at home with her three pets, including her 4 year-old rescue dog who she openly admits is the love of her life.