After a winter of wet weather, the return of some sunshine meant that Fethiye Bowling Association were finally able to complete the 2018 season.

On 22 and 23 March, the Chairperson’s Cup, which had been postponed from December 2018 due to bad weather, took place.

On Day 1, 28 members competed for a place in the quarter-finals.


The quarter-finals took place on the second day of the tournament with eight players battling it out for a place in the semi-finals.

Rob Mckernan vs Jeff Cater. The final score was 21-13

Dale Steddy vs Lutz Manzer. The final score was 21-11

Martyn Simms vs Peter Summerill. The final score was 21-17.

Rob Tomkys vs Mel Lockley. The final score was 21-19.


The four winners then went on to play in the semi-finals.

Dale Steddy vs Rob Mckernan. The final score was 21-11.

Martyn Simms vs Rob Tomkys. The final score was 21-18

The Final

After a break, Dale Steddy and Martyn Simms battled it out for the crown in the final.

The match was dominated by Dale in the early stages who was leading 13 -6, but Martyn wasn’t to be denied and fought back to win 21-18. 

A wonderfully exciting final, played in the best of spirits and at the highest of skill levels. 

Congratulations to Martyn on his win, commiserations to Dale and well done both for providing us with two days of high level skill.

Fethiye Bowling Association News
Our finalist, Dale Steddy and the winner of the 2018 Chairperson’s Cup, Martyn Simms.

Future events

Our next competition is the Non-winners cup, to be played on April 4th and 5th.  Spectators are always welcome.

FBA Presentation Night

On 28 March, Fethiye Bowling Association held its annual presentation night at Denizatı Restaurant.

The event was to mark the achievements of members in Leagues and Competitions throughout 2018.   

League Winners

The league winners for the year are as follows:

Spring League 2018

Division 5: Tina Mansar                                          

Division 4: David Hands                                            

Division 3: Mick Mansar                      

Division 2: Dale Steddy                         

Division 1: Rob McKernan    

Autumn League 2018    

Division 6: Liz Iannone

Division 5: Alan Keating            

Division 4: Tina Mansar

Division 3: Phil Styles

Division 2: Mick Mansar

Division 1:  Rob McKernan

Summer League 2018

Group A: Kath Watson & Bob Greening   

 Group B: Cengis Seren & Dennis Bryon

There were also 15 competitions held throughout the year. The winners are as follows:

Non-Winners Shield: Patrick Casey                           

Knock-Out: Dale Steddy & Doreen Jaques                  

Vice-Chair’s Cup: Nick Basson                                    

Memorial Shield:  Rob McKernan                          

Ladies’ Knock-Out:  Kay Cummins                           

Men’s Knock-Out:  Bob Greening                                

Team Singles:  Dennis Bryan & Phil Styles

Triples: Rob Tomkys, Jeff Cater, Wendy Alder

Greensman’s Cup Mick Mansar & Kevan Higgins

Men’s Cup:  Mick Mansar

Ladies’ Cup: Val Phillips

Armistice Cup: Mick Mansar

Men’s Doubles: Alec Gordon & Martyn Simms   

Ladies’ Lucky Lottery: Liz Iannone & Pat Casey                                                                        

Chair’s Cup: Martyn Simms

The final awards for the night were:

Most Improved Lady over 2018:  Liz Ionnane

Most Improved Man over 2018: Dale Steddy

Well done everyone for their efforts over the entire year, whether it be as a winner or as a participant.  A very good year, all round.  And so on to 2019!

Thanks go to Maggie Diggins for organising the evening.  

For more information about Fethiye Bowling Association, please visit them on Facebook