This article was written for Fethiye Times by Sian Midgley

Bah Humbug

Now, if you ask any of my friends how I feel about Christmas their opinions will probably add up to lashing of Grinch, plus a dash of Scrooge, topped up with a barrel full of Bah Humbug. Yep, that’s right – I’m not a fan, never have been, and I’m not likely to start at this ripe old age.

Luckily for me an added benefit of deciding to live in this beautiful country is that I don’t have to worry about tripping over Christmas decorations in October or having Christmas carols go round and round and round my head for a month. Although, with my love of British TV, not even I can avoid Extinguishable Edgar or whatever his name is.

There will, however, be one small glitch in the time-space continuum where I reluctantly don a Mrs Santa outfit, jump on my tinsled up bike and join the annual Santa bike ride along Fethiye prom on 22nd December and, although I’m loathe to admit it, I might even enjoy myself…a little.

Fethiye's very own Grinch is alive and well...

But don’t panic…

If you do love Christmas then don’t worry, there is still plenty to do to celebrate – most of the local bars and restaurants have cottoned on to the fact that us yabancı like a good old knees up and a big roast with all the trimmings on well, any day of the week, and are happy to oblige. You can now buy Christmas trees, decorations, cards and crackers at any number of shops, attend one of the carol services on offer in various locations or sit on Father Christmas’ knee when he shows his face at many a Christmas fayre.

Business as usual

But what if,  like me, you aren’t keen? Well, not to worry, you can pretend it’s like any other day of the week. In Fethiye all shops, banks, hairdressers, government offices etc are open as normal so why not treat yourself and get your nails done, or top up your phone, or go and listen to your Bank Manager tell you how much further the interest rates are going to go down? And if you really want to push the boat out (it is Christmas after all) why not pop into one of the 2,952 Migros’ within a mile of your home and treat yourself to a bottle of wine and a box of After Eights?

Whatever you choose to do, or not do, I hope you have a truly wonderful day on 25th December. Me? Well I’ll be at home, in my pjs, sharing ketchup crisps with my dog, and avoiding Exhaustable Edgar or whatever his name is… 


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