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Christmas acticivites

Çalış Kids Club have been busy with Christmas crafts over the last few weeks. On Friday and Saturday the theme was Festive Father Christmas. Have a look at our gallery of Super Santa’s painted by the talented kids.

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Christmas Traditions


A Festive Fethiye Times - day four

The wreath’s origin dates back to both the ancient Pagans, when they stored the evergreen branches throughout the frozen winters, and the Romans, who gave branches as gifts at New Year to wish people lasting health and happiness.

Eventually the branches were moulded into circles and the wreath became associated with Christianity due to its circular shape representing the suffering and triumph of Christ. If people made wreaths from holly however, it was said to represent the crown of thorns that Jesus was forced to wear on the cross.

Nowadays, wreaths have become decorative objects for many. Typically hung on doors, they’re used to mark the Christmas spirit and welcome visitors.

Source: Evening Standard

Christmas dining with a Turkish twist

Tasty dips, spreads, and finger food are perfect for entertaining at Christmas.

Try this delicious recipe from Ozlem Warren of Ozlem’s Turkish Table and keep your guests dipping for more.

Click here for the recipe.

Walnut and red pepper paste dip, Muhammara or Cevizli Biber

A Festive Fethiye Times - day four

A Festive Fethiye Times - day four

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Today’s featured image is by local photographer, Norman Clark