Christmas activities

Dalyan Christmas Fair

Dalyan Christmas Fair made a welcome return on Saturday. The weather stayed fine and visitors came from Dalyan and the surrounding areas, making it bigger and better than ever.

The fair was held in the town square with stalls selling Christmas crafts and home made goodies.

The fair was organised by Dalyan Iztuzu Tourism and Promotion Association.

A Festive Fethiye Times - part two

Christmas Traditions

Decorating the tree

Fir trees have been used at Christmas time by both Christians and Pagans for thousands of years. Many believed evergreen trees kept away witches and evil spirits.

Germany is credited with the decorated Christmas tree as we know it. Dating back to the 16th century, the protestant theologian, Martin-Luther, is said to have been the first man who used lit candles on a tree. Despite many people across Germany rejecting the idea due to its association with Protestant customs, by 1815 it had become a widespread tradition across the country and, by the 1900s, the world.

A Festive Fethiye Times - part two
Christmas tree in Aqua Flora Shopping Centre in Istanbul. Photograph by Sue Gow

Christmas tree styles have changed over the years and nowadays you’ll find a new wave of “Christmas trees” that aren’t of the traditional variety. Some people simply don’t have the space to house a huge fir or they’re just looking for new ways to reinvent the Christmas tree.

A Festive Fethiye Times - part two
An unconventional wall Christmas tree
A Festive Fethiye Times - part two
Decorate a branch as an alternative to a traditional tree

Christmas dining with a Turkish twist

Christmas dinner is a meal that keeps on giving. Many have experienced that ‘Turkey again’ feeling when leftovers are served.

Try something fresh and green to compliment leftover cold meats.

Try this delicious recipe from Ozlem Warren of Ozlem’s Turkish Table.

Leafy greens with pepper and pine nuts; inspirations from Antakya

Click here for the recipe

A Festive Fethiye Times - part two
Delicious, refreshing & crunchy; leafy greens with pepers, onions and pine nuts

Afiyet Olsun 

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Today’s featured image is by local photographer, Hülya Yamanoğlu

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