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Fethiye, Turkey
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Turkish culture and history

Enjoy our articles all about this fascinating country.

The distinctive sound of the ezan

The distinctive sound of the ezan

Turkey is a country that needs to be experienced with all of the senses. Visitors to Fethiye are drawn by photographs of the beautiful,...

Unique Turkish Phrases: a saying for every occasion

Turkish is a wonderful language filled with idioms that are commonly used in daily life. What is an idiom?

The Turkish Love Of Mobile Technology Revealed

If you’ve been resident in Turkey for any time at all, you can’t have failed to notice the Turkish passion for mobile technology. The cell...
“Very superstitious” – a guide to Turkish superstitions - the sequel

“Very superstitious” – a guide to Turkish superstitions – the sequel

Recently we published an article on Turkish superstitions. We had such a great response from our readers when we asked what other superstitions they were...

The tradition of the Christmas Pudding

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are over for another year and all that is left now is, in my experience, a pantry of traditional...
New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

What is a New Year's Resolution? A New Year's resolution is a decision to do or not do something to accomplish a personal goal or break...

A Turkish ‘Christmas’ – celebrating ‘Noel’ on New Year’s Eve

On Sunday 25th December festivities take place all over the world to celebrate Christmas. Families and friends come together, gifts are exchanged, mistletoe hung,...

“Very superstitious” – a guide to Turkish superstitions

Superstitions have a great place in society and most people exhibit some superstitious behaviour without even realising it. Do you walk under ladders? Do...

Turkey: Did you know…?

Turkey is much more than just a holiday destination. It has a rich, diverse culture and history, beautiful landscapes and cuisine that will keep you...

Water cisterns – relics of a bygone era

Dotted around towns and villages, scattered on hilltops or by the roadside, you will see many domed, circular stone buildings and may wonder what they are. They are...

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