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Anything to do with Turkey and Fethiye

The Turkish Love Of Mobile Technology Revealed

If you’ve been resident in Turkey for any time at all, you can’t have failed to notice the Turkish passion for mobile technology. The cell...

Unique Turkish Phrases – a saying for every occasion (part two)

Following on from our first article on unique Turkish phrases and idioms, here are more phrases that Turks use in daily life that...

A chorus of cicadas

Summer is here and if we couldn't tell that by the long hot sunny days, we would know by the cicadas and...
Driving in Turkey - part one

Driving in Turkey

Turkey is where eastern and western cultures come together, resulting in a fantastic blend of traditions and festivities. Not only that, Turkey is a...

Turkey: Did you know?

Turkey is much more than just a holiday destination. It has a rich, diverse culture and history, beautiful landscapes and cuisine that will...
New Year's Resolutions

How to make (and keep) New Year’s Resolutions

What is a New Year's Resolution? A New Year's resolution is a decision to do or not do something to...
Readers’ Album - Uniquely Turkish Transportation

Readers’ Album – Uniquely Turkish Transportation

Written for Fethiye Times and with photos by Mike Vickers If you’re planning to travel around in Turkey in...
Readers' Album - Collective Nouns

Readers’ Album – Collective Nouns

Written for Fethiye Times and with photos by Mike Vickers. I’ve always admired the wonderfully haphazard eccentricity of collective...
Splendid Sunsets

Readers’ albums – Splendid Sunsets

Sunset. We get one every day, usually just before nightfall. For the many months between early spring and late autumn, the evening...

Unique Turkish Phrases: a saying for every occasion

Turkish is a wonderful language filled with idioms that are commonly used in daily life. What is an idiom?

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