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Turkish culture and history

Enjoy our articles all about this fascinating country.

“Very superstitious” – a guide to Turkish superstitions

Superstitions have a great place in society and most people exhibit some superstitious behaviour without even realising it. Do you walk under...
New Year's Resolutions

How to make (and keep) New Year’s Resolutions

What is a New Year's Resolution? A New Year's resolution is a decision to do or not do something to...

A Turkish ‘Christmas’ – celebrating ‘Noel’ on New Year’s Eve

On 25th December festivities take place all over the world to celebrate Christmas. Families and friends come together, gifts are exchanged, mistletoe...
In photos: Kayaköy Festival (Şenliği) - music, dance and much more

‘Ghost village’ to come alive for October festival

Organisers are putting the finishing touches to this year’s Kayaköy Festival, which will take place over the weekend on Saturday, October 5, and Sunday,...
Wish Trees - myth or magic?

The fascinating culture of Wishing Trees

A Wishing Tree is an individual tree which has been chosen specifically and is used as an object of wishes and offerings....

A Turkish bath – the real way to relax

No trip to Fethiye is complete without a visit to a Turkish bath or Hamam, so set aside any prudishness you may have...
The Hamsa or Hand of Fatima - what does it mean?

The Hamsa or Hand of Fatima – what does it mean?

What is the Hand of Fatima? Similar to the evil eye, the open right-hand symbol known as Hand of Fatima (or Hamsa Hand) is an...
Mount Nemrut West Terrace Sunset 1 B&W - Feature Photo

The colossal stone heads of Nemrut Dağı

One of the many historical sites in Turkey is a unique one located deep in the Anatolian heartland. Nemrut Dağı (Mount Nemrut) The 7,000-foot-tall mountain, Nemrut...

Kurban Bayramı (Feast of Sacrifice)

Kurban Bayramı (Feast of Sacrifice), which occurs 70 days after the end of Ramazan, is a spectacular day of slaughter and feasting...

Unique Turkish Phrases – a saying for every occasion (part two)

Following on from our first article on unique Turkish phrases and idioms, here are more phrases that Turks use in daily life that...

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Turkey Homes Property of the Month – semi-detached luxury contemporary villa...

Turkey Homes property of the month for July is this luxury contemporary 3-bed villa in Fethiye. Near completion, the property is...
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