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Fethiye, Turkey
Sunday, July 21, 2019

Fethiye Times Postcard – Number 4

Our Fethiye Times Fethiye postcard series continues. This is Fethiye postcard number 4 for you to share with friends, family or others to spread the word about this wonderful place on earth.

Fethiye Times Post Card Number 6

Another of our Fethiye Times postcards for you to share with freedoms and family to let them know just how wonderful Fethiye is. Number 6 is a citrus theme.  

Nature Photography Day – a great day for nature lovers and photographers

Nature photography is a beautiful art that really brings us closer to the world we live in. There are limitless possibilities in nature photography, ranging from standard to macro photography to capture all the smallest details . Nature Photography Day The North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA)...

In photos: the end of summer…

The end of summer...
The first snow has arrived on Akdağ, reminding us that summer is over. Once again our thoughts turn to cold, crisp autumn days, comfy sweaters, hats and gloves.  Yes, we do need them here in Fethiye too! The arrival of cooler temperatures makes this a...

From hazy mornings to stunning sunsets – an October round up in photos

It looks like  summer is finally over. Blue skies and sunshine have been replaced with clouds and the threat of rain, summer dresses and t-shirts with jeans and jumpers and flip flops with thick socks and boots. We have to say that we have had a...

In photos – Fethiye’s incredible winter landscapes

In photos - Fethiye's incredible winter landscapes
Winter can be as beautiful as it is cold. The temperatures that chill you to the bone, may make you want to stay snuggly and warm in front of your fire. And who can blame you? Unless you're a photographer ... Winter landscapes are the complete...

Fethiye – Bougainvillea

The bougainvillea has completely engulfed this pine tree!
Just had to snap this amazing tree swathed in the hot pink bougainvillea that is in bloom all over Fethiye and surrounding area at the moment! Stunning.

Fethiye Times Postcard Number 3

Our Fethiye Times Fethiye postcards number 3 for your to share with friends, family or.......anyone to spread the word about this wonderful place on earth.

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Enjoy an all-day break “feast” at Taş Mekan

Turkey serves up the best breakfast in the world. While much of the world views breakfast as a...
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