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Fethiye, Turkey
Thursday, April 22, 2021
Food and Drink

Food and Drink

Turkish food and drink

Köşe Kahve - a coffee shop and roastery with individual style

Köşe Kahve – a coffee shop and roastery with individual style

Fethiye is full of places where you can enjoy coffee; from cafes with just a coffee machine, coffee shops or chains like...

Üzümlü celebrates spring with a festival of fun

Huge crowds filled the streets and market place, joining in with impromptu folk dance performances at the Üzümlü Mushroom Festival...

Herbal teas and their benefits

Turkey drinks more tea per head than any other country and regular visitors to Turkey will have experienced the culture of çay (Turkish...

Kefir – it’s a cultural thing

Many of you will now be familiar with one of Turkey's most popular drinks, Ayran. We recently came...

Coffee Time; some like it cold

Many people enjoy coffee but are not so keen on hot drinks in the summer; at this time of year there is one section of...

fethiye, turkey
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Turkey Homes Property of the Month – custom-build luxury villas in...

Custom-build luxury villas in Fethiye, Turkey. These stunning homes from a leading developer on the southwestern Mediterranean coastline, are located in a...
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