Providing free, independent and confidential advice & support on all aspects of living, working, visiting, buying & selling property and investing in Turkey.

Established in 2005, The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre is an official and regulated charitable association and has been set up to assist qualifying foreign nationals with a comprehensive range of free advice and support. We can simply point you in the right direction or, if you prefer, guide you every step of the way.

The services of the centre are given independently and in the strictest confidence. It is supported by an experienced team of paid staff and volunteers but, as the service is funded by donations from local residents and businesses, at no time will the centre make any charge for the advice it offers.

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The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre in Kuşadası – providing free, independent advice


00 90 256 612 3207 or 00 90 5318 560 546 (24 hr)