Akkaya valley is an absolute hidden jewel in the crown just waiting to be discovered. Many people who have visited this area have referred to it as ‘the land before time’ due to its untouched natural beauty.

Located a mere 20 minutes from Dalaman Airport and only accessible via boat, Akkaya Valley is situated deep in the mountains, with the biblically referenced Indus of Anatolia river running through its centre. 

As a fiercely protected nature reserve, guests entering the valley can expect to see a huge range of wildlife ranging from white tailed eagles to cormorants and even families of wild boar roaming. The magnificent scenery really has to be seen to be believed.

Akkaya Valley - a day you will never forget

Due to its protected status, visitors can only enter Akkaya via specific tour operators, it cannot be visited independently. Volkan’s Adventures, TripAdvisor’s rated number one tour company in Dalyan, has exclusive permission to take guests from Dalyan or the nearby surrounding areas into the valley several times per week. Burhan Yaman, manager of Akkaya Valley explains “We have fought hard and long to maintain the beauty of the valley and we want to share it with people who will respect and honour its splendour. We know without question that the guests carried by Volkan’s Adventures from Dalyan will be those who uphold our values and will appreciate how unique this area truly is”. 

Akkaya Valley - a day you will never forget

There are many additional activities guests can participate in within the valley area. Canoes and water bicycles can be rented for further exploration, there is a beautiful riverside walking path that reveals hidden delights, and there are hand built wooden bungalows available for private rental should you wish to spend a few days in the valley. The river is rife with rainbow trout so fishing equipment is available for hire for the avid anglers amongst you. Refreshments are available all day from the bar area so you needn’t go thirsty whilst you are relaxing on one of the many sunbeds available by the jetty.

Akkaya Valley - a day you will never forget

Guests who visit the valley will fall in love in an instant, and there are several opportunities available should you wish to make your time here in paradise slightly more permanent. The lovely Curbanoğlu family, who are heavily invested in the protection of nature, organic farming, and the promotion of green energy, have built and developed a stunning complex of eco friendly properties in the nearby area that are available for rental and/or purchase at extremely reasonable rates. 

Akkaya Valley - a day you will never forget

Want to know more?

For details on how to experience this stunning area for yourself or if you are interested in learning more about the properties available, please visit www.volkansadventures.com or click on the sidebar advert at the right of this page.

Alternatively, you can contact them via email at: info@volkansadventures.com

A day spent in Akkaya Valley is a day you will never forget.

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