Experts always agree that investing in real estate is a wise financial decision. So, anyone looking for a holiday or retirement home in Turkey will be glad to know that property in Fethiye can step up to the podium as a worthy contender for your net worth portfolio.

The country already offers many benefits to foreign buyers, as proven in an ever-growing expat community and foreign ownership of holiday homes, especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean. However, Fethiye has an established reputation as one of the most popular destinations to buy a Turkish home.

Sitting on the Mediterranean coast, it is without a doubt, a stunningly beautiful destination boasting of landmarks like the Blue Lagoon, Butterfly Valley and Kayaköy Ghost Village. Beneath the surface though, are many more concrete reasons why foreign buyers choose the area for their real estate investment portfolio.

5 Excellent Reasons to Buy Property in Fethiye

1: It is as Safe as Houses

A Victorian expression “as safe as houses” means real estate investment bears minor risk, and this accurately sums up the Fethiye property market. Everyone can remember the famous Spanish property bubble bursting in 2008, because of overinflated prices and mass construction without demand, but Fethiye runs like a well-oiled machine with realistic prices and a linked supply and demand construction rate.

It is safer and more stable than Bitcoin and is easier to understand than stocks and shares. Unlike the first two examples, it also exists in real life and presents buyers with an idyllic seaside lifestyle.

For doubters who question whether Turkey is safe, experts predict 2018 will be its most successful tourism year to date. Bookings are flooding in, and many expats continue to live here all year round.

The country did suffer a series of terrorist attacks in 2015 and in 2016, but an intense security campaign from east to west returned it to a state of normality in 2017. Turkey has never been so popular and now attracts many nationalities from across the globe.

2: Buying Property in Fethiye Is Easy

Look at countries like Switzerland or Australia and buying real estate as a foreigner is an arduous task that puts many people off. This is where Turkey stands out thanks to its smooth, streamlined process that is simple and easy to enact.

Although navigating land registry offices and paying taxes might seem like a nightmare for non-Turkish speakers, using a registered and established estate agent like Turkey Homes ensures you have someone to walk you through the process.

3: Mass Potential for Long-term appreciation

One key reason foreigners buy property in Fethiye is the long-term potential to increase their net worth. The Turkish real estate market, when compared to other countries, is still in its infancy, and this reflects in prices starting from £50,000 for a two-bedroom apartment.

Buyers also have another advantage, boosted by the recent trade war between the US and China, in that the exchange rate between the British pound, US dollar and Euro to the Turkish lira works in their favour. Buyers get more for their buck than ever before and once global exchange rates return to normal, your property will increase in value, when converting back to your home country currency.

Why Property in Fethiye is an Ideal Long-Term Investment
Ölüdeniz Beach, Turkey

4: It is Easy to Sell

Of course, any long-term real estate investment needs at least ten years to maximise returns. However sometimes life throws us a curveball, and in these moments, when we need to convert our bricks and mortar back into cash, we want a vibrant market with a quick turnover.

This is where Fethiye delivers because it is also popular with Turkish buyers as well as foreigners. So anyone selling property in Fethiye has a global audience. The market isn’t limited and as Turkey continues to grow in popularity, so will Fethiye.

5: Potential for Cash Flow Income

Anyone who wants to expand into buy-to-let property should definitely look at Fethiye. The region including Hisarönü, Ölüdeniz, Ovacık, ÇalıŞ Beach and the main town centre is serviced by Dalaman airport, one of the top three touristic airports in Turkey serving more than 120 destinations.

Fethiye also sits alongside the D400 Highway, running across the south side of Turkey and is a major hub of the Turkish Riviera. All this makes it a mass of tourism hotspots and a global name for beach and cultural holidays.

Market your Fethiye property like a savvy business executive and show a sterling reputation for repeat word of mouth advertising and you have mass potential to cover running costs and gain an income.

Further information

If you would like advice or to know more about the Turkish real estate market, drop into the Turkey Homes office on Ali Gaffar Okkan Caddesi, find us on the 3rd floor of the Se-Sa Is Merkezi Building right opposite the Fethiye Mc Donald’s or browse through their Fethiye property portfolio to see what’s for sale in 2018.

Why Property in Fethiye is an Ideal Long-Term Investment

Why Property in Fethiye is an Ideal Long-Term Investment

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