Here at, we have been registering short-term paying renters and non-paying friends and family since 2017 on behalf of our property owners in Çalış, Fethiye, Üzümlü, Kayaköy and Ovacık, using both the Police and Jandarma systems and handling their tax affairs.

After a difficult couple of years, life is slowly returning to normal and we hope holiday renters, as well as friends and family, will be flocking back to beautiful Fethiye.

The registration regulations may seem complex, but provide an opportunity to those owners wishing to make an income from renting their property at a time when holiday demand is increasing and the supply of legal rental accommodation is decreasing.

Holiday rental is a commercial activity and requires a Turkish company

If you wish to rent your property, all guests should be registered with the local authorities through GIYKIMBIL (Identity Declaration System), all relevant income taxes must be paid, AND in July 2017, holiday rentals were re-classified as a commercial activity and therefore subject to 18% KDV (VAT). To pay KDV home owners must have a registered Turkish company or pay through one.

This is where we can assist you and offer the following complete service.

1)  Holiday renting to paying guests for a profit

– Registration of your property with local authorities and obtain your license

– All guests entered in GIYKIMBIL for 2022, either with the Police or Jandarama

– Liaise with the local authorities in your absence

– Paying all taxes on your property income

– Paying your 18% KDV (VAT) for each rental

Please contact us at if you are interested in this complete service and we will provide a quote based on your property details

2) Registration of non paying guests

– This service is ONLY available if you do not charge your guests and your property is not advertised anywhere.

– One-off fee for 2022 registration, please contact us for details at

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