Hayvan Dostları – a Fethiye based group – is about to embark on a very special project. The group’s aim is to build an Animal Education Centre. Fethiye municipality has already provided the land to build the centre. Now they need YOUR help and generosity to make it happen.

Help Fethiye build a unique Animal Education Centre

Animal Education Centre – a unique project

Fethiye Animal Education Centre
Fethiye Animal Education Centre

Back in May, 2016, Fethiye’s Hayvan Dostları – Animal Friends – began working under the auspices of FETAV to create a unique project – an Animal Education Centre. The ongoing project is designed to increase awareness of the needs and rights of domestic, stray and wild animals. It will also teach people how to look after their animals and pets, and be sensitive towards street animals and wildlife. 

From domestic pets to street animals and wildlife

Help Fethiye build a unique Animal Education Centre
Mr Tombish asks for your help to build an Animal Education Centre in Fethiye

With support from the Municipality (who have generously provided the land for building the centre), the Animal Shelter and Zabita, the town’s Forestry Department (including National Parks) and the District National Education Directorate, Hayvan Dostları have developed various projects to teach the local community how to care for domestic pets but also every other kind of animal, from street animals to wildlife.

Everything starts with love

Help Fethiye build a unique Animal Education Centre
Everything starts with love

The group has been working with expert volunteers, including a vet and a psychologist. This is because Hayvan Dostları is organising education programmes to teach everyone in Fethiye – what ever their age – how to look after and care for animals. They will also provide information on the inalienable rights of all animals and how to behave towards them.

Help Fethiye build a unique Animal Education Centre
Ares and Ateş

Among the experts are a veterinary and a psychologist, both of whom are working on these programmes – which are called, “Everything Starts with Love.”

Learning at all levels and all ages

These programmes are already being taught in Fethiye’s schools but there are plans to eventually roll out the project across all age groups – from 7 to 70.

Help Fethiye build a unique Animal Education Centre
Learning about the responsibilities of having a pet

Hayvan Dostları are also training local volunteers to help with the project. They are also working in cooperation with Fethiye’s other animal charities. 

In addition to the teaching programmes, there are plans to provide better living standards for the town’s street animals. By establishing feeding stations outside the centre Hayvan Dostları hope to encourage the street dogs in particular to make the most of these, rather than packing, or hanging around in the town centre.

What’s more, children, animal owners and those who are considering having a pet, will also be able to learn about animal welfare, animal rights and the responsibilities of having a pet. This is something that could eventually reduce the number of dogs and cats that are abandoned, result in fewer cases of neglect – and maybe fewer cases of poisoning.

The National Parks Department will be helping with the wild life programmes.

Help Fethiye build a unique Animal Education Centre
Fethiye wildlife

Once completed, this building will be the only information and education centre addressing domestic, street and wild animals in Fethiye. 

But, this wonderful project depends on Hayvan Dostları being able to raise the necessary funds… And this is where you can help…

Fund raising dinner

Help Fethiye build a unique Animal Education Centre
Şat Restaurant

On Friday 24th March at 20:00 there will be a fund raising dinner at the Şat Restaurant in Fethiye.  If you would like to support the project please go to FETAV, where you can buy tickets. They are 70 TL per person. If you can’t go on Friday you may like to make a donation.

We look forward to seeing you at Şat Restaurant next Friday.

Learning about animals