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  1. Has anyone else noticed the horrible looking brownish slicks that are appearing in the sea along the beach from Calis to Fethiye. They look remarkably like raw sewage which is worrying for those of us who like to swim. I have several photos but don’t know how to post them. Any info would be appreciated.

  2. Could someone please advise me about maintenance payments, we are a small complex of 6 and we have one turkish owner who’s has decided to not pay his share of the costs this year, which meant that the remaining 5 of us had to pay for their share, is there any law against this ? I would be grateful for any information.


  3. We are looking for dolmus information please to get to Uzumlu, we are in Hisaronu but assume we will need to get it from Fethiye. What destination on the dolmus do we look for and any idea how often they run and cost? Thanks. Dave

  4. I know that the residency arrangements has been a taboo subject with you, but I am still curious as to whether anything has been resolved or finalised. Could you please advise if possible thanks

    • Phil, it’s not that this is a “taboo subject”, as you say, but that we have been unable to find any reliable source of information.

  5. Have the residents of Fethiye lost their pride in their city? In all the years we have spent on holiday here and the 11 years we have lived here,I have never seen so much rubbish left on waste land and on street corners. We live in an area mostly populated by Turkish families, I have seen children and adults drop rubbish even though there is a bin only meters away. Fethiye is a lovely city and the Mayor has made fantastic improvements, this is being spoilt by litter and household garbage being dumped.

    • Thanks Peter. The rates are working through for us. Maybe it’s an issue with your browser or Internet provider.

      Kind regards


  6. We arrive at Dalaman airport on April 21 at 21.10. hand luggage only. I see there is a bus shuttle service advertised leaving the airport at 21.50.for Fethije, Can you please tell me if this service is operating and how long the journey is. Many thanks Peter.

  7. Can someone shed a light on the parking situation at the public beach near Sat? I can understand paying a reasonable parking fee to use the beach, but paying TL 5 to drop someone off who is catching the water taxi to Sovalye (and leaving the parking area within 2 minutes) is a total rip-off.

  8. please can you advise whether road bikes with pannier racks (touring) bikes are available to hire for the week in Fetinje – I am hoping to arrive with panniers and travel round for the week exploring – thank you Annie

  9. Hi there I have been trying to find part 2 of a story you ran in 2006. Against the odds. Could you please advise as to where I might find this article, have part 1. Many thanks