With the Turkish Lira hovering around 4.5TL to the £1 (it was 4.57TL at the time of writing this) there’s only one thing to do if you’re a Brit on holiday – make the most of it. Not only is foreign currency welcome, it’s like one big sale for holiday makers with Sterling, Euro and Dollars in their wallets. 

So, the FT team explored Fethiye’s charming old district, Paspatur, to see what was on offer for the princely sum of £100 – remember that’s 457TL or thereabout at the moment.

As usual our top five is in no particular order.


Owner, Cem Güler, has made his shop an elegant showcase of beautiful objects. There is every kind of home enhancing delight, mostly from Anatolia but also from the various eastern countries that Cem visits during the winter.

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

We found a beautiful Ottoman style light, at the bargain price of – yes, you got it, a £100 but we could have spend our cash many times over. Why not drop in and have a look for yourself?

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

Unique Auctions

STOP PRESS! Cem has just told us that his famous auctions will begin in September this year and everyone should come along to get some Unique Christmas presents… We mentioned that it was more than a bit early but to make everyone feel in the mood he’s decided to get a Christmas tree!

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

So make a note in your diaries for the following dates (amended on 6 October 2015): 

  • October 17 – Fethiye
  • October 24 – Hisaronu
  • October 31 – Fethiye

The auctions begin at 2pm and there are sure to be many wonderful opportunities to snap up many, many beautiful bargains.

37 Sokak, No. 19, Paspatur


The simple shop front belies fact that the small interior is crammed with gold.

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

Jewelry is Ömer Özdilek’s life and with a surname that translates as ‘special wish’ what better place is there to spend your £100? Okay, there are bigger, brasher, more bling filled gold emporiums but we think that the traditional Turkish gold that Mr Özdilek sells is the perfect way to make your special wishes come true. We found a delightful ring, some earrings, and a delicate link bracelet, each costing a modest £100. Go along and see if you can find a beautiful golden wish for yourself.

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

Cumhuriyet Cad., No. 6, Paspatur


İşak (Ishak) and Sabina have made their deceptively large premises a must-go place for all handbag enthusiasts and lets face it, which of us aren’t tempted from time to time? He has the largest range imaginable, with everything from very reasonably priced ‘bucket’ style bags, suitable for throwing everything in before you head to the beach.

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

But he also has a shrine; this is hallowed ground for people in the know, it is where he displays his amazing collection of Gön bags, purses, belts and wallets.

Nearly all of these treasures cost more than the statutory £100, so one this occasion we can only pay tribute but we couldn’t help mentioning them as they are so, so wonderful. Each one is made by hand in Istanbul and has to be a cherished, coveted heirloom.

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

In any event, Ishak found us two very lovely leather bags either of which we could have had for £100.

39 Sokak, No. 4, Paspatur.

Family and Nazar

Huriye and Mustafa Koca are a quiet couple who invariably sit in front of their shop, which looks like something from a fairy tale. One of the original houses it is jam packed with beautiful Anatolian delights, from colourful felt slippers to kilims and traditional Turkish leather shoes. It’s clear that Mr and Mrs Koca are proud of their delightful shop, and it certainly is a pleasure to explore it. 

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

Huriye hanım found a lovely, colourful and very large kilim for our £100 and allowed us to take a photograph of her proudly displaying it.

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

Hamam Sokak, No. 15, Paspatur

Eşkişehir Pazarı

We were overwhelmed by the goodies on show in this emporium – for that’s what it is. You can get a crick in your neck staring up at the amazing lights, and the minutes and hours can tick away unnoticed as you mooch around this rambling Aladdin’s cave of a shop.

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

Here there are a phenomenal number of things you could buy for £100 but we were unable to decide between the range of inlaid backgammon sets, the meerschaum pipes and the intricately decorated ceramics.

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

The shop is a bustling hive of activity but we were impressed by the friendly faces of the staff, so couldn’t resist asking them what the most expensive item was in the shop. They pointed as one to the amazing Anatolian chandelier above our heads. It was a snip at a little over 8,000TL. We left saying we’d have to buy a new house to put it in, and wait until the rates were more beneficial … and who knows, that may be sooner that you think.

Top five ways to spend £100 in Fethiye's Paspatur

Telmessos Sokak 47, No. 8, Paspatur

 Happy shopping everyone!



  1. auctions in Unique means fun,wine,laughing,and a good opportunity to buy precious pieces in a better price..how do i know ? because i work there :))