Are you struggling to keep warm this winter?

An electric blanket is a great winter warmer but did you know you can also use it to keep you warm in another way?

Electric blankets are widely available in the major shops and supermarkets in Fethiye and a double sized blanket sells for around 30 TL and they use very little electricty.

Electric Blanket Warmth

They are intended to be used to warm your cold bed but they can also keep you warm while sat on the sofa.

Just lay the blanket on the cushions of your sofa or chair, plug it in and sit down.

In no time at all you’ll be warming through nicely and wondering if you actually need that expensive air-conditioning unit or electric fire eating up your money.

Electric Blanket Safety

Of course, as with all things electrical, make sure you keep them away from any liquids or other fire risks.

And if you get any kind of shock off the blanket stop using it immediately.