Have you ever wondered why, how and when the word turquoise came to be associated with Turkey? Like many of the most beautiful things in the world it is a case of kismet – and a glorious case of mistaken identity.

Falling under the spell of Turkey's turquoise magic
Turquoise – a stone that was thought to have come from Turkey… Pinterest

A wonderful misunderstanding

It turns out that the word turquoise is derived from a Middle English word, itself derived from an Old French word meaning Turkish stone, even though the greenish-blue stone did not actually come from Turkey at all.

Whatever the case, it would have hard to choose a better word that describes the glorious coastline of southwest Turkey, which has Fethiye at its centre.

It was as if the word was invented especially for this magical part of the word…

The science and the art of turquoise

And, in case you are wondering why the sea is so often such wonderful colours, this useful website from NASA will help to explain so much better than we ever could.

There are plenty of websites that describe how colours are more than just soothing or exciting to the beholder. Evidently turquoise is meant to be calming and energising at the same time – but in a balanced way.

Some people who wear turquoise jewellery say it is because the stone helps with communication, truth and psychic power. There are also websites that suggest it can help strengthen your third eye.

Now, sit back for a few moments and relax while watching this remarkable footage – to see this amazing coastline from a bird’s eye view…

Thank you to Ben Anderson for sending us this amazing drone footage.