Between 10th and 31st January 2017, working together with the Kalkan based news website, KTLN, Fethiye Times promoted a survey about Dalaman International Airport (DIA).

We are pleased to be able to tell our readers that their replies to the survey delivered some significant, interesting and useful results. The report is now with DIA management and will be used in discussions with the relevant airlines.

Dalaman International Airport survey

The aim of the two complementary surveys was to discover the opinions of Dalaman International Airport users who live in the area and those who use the airport when visiting Turkey.

Dalaman International Airport interior
Dalaman International Airport interior

By using qualitative and quantitative research methods, our objective was to learn about how users rate the services provided at DIA and also provide feedback that could be informative for YDA management and the airlines using the airport.

The subsequent analysis has been made available to the airport management and will be used to facilitate on-going negotiations with the relevant airlines. It is anticipated that the data and feedback will be used to improve flight options and services at DIA.

The key areas covered

The analysis is divided into three key areas.

  • About those who took part in the survey
  • What people think of Dalaman Airport
  • What people think of the airlines and their flight options

A comprehensive survey

Back in January, at the invitation of Hamdi Güvenç GM at YDA Dalaman Airport, a meeting was held with local foreign-national residents and DIA management. The purpose was to discuss how the airport could improve services and facilities.

As a result of this, KTLN and Fethiye Times devised a survey to gauge existing and future demand for passengers using Dalaman International Airport. The responses made for some interesting reading and once the number-crunching was completed the final report was sent to Hamdi Güvenç.

Having seen the results and analysis, Güvenç responded as follows:

“I am reading your report very carefully. Thank you very much for this comprehensive research. We have been analysing the findings with our data analysis team. We will be sharing the information with the airlines and the tour operators in our meetings.”

Read the report

To read the full analysis visit the KTLN website by clicking here.

We will be keeping our readers in touch with developments at DIA.