Fethiye Times and Kalkan Turkish News (KTLN) are cooperating on a joint survey in relation to Dalaman International Airport (DIA).

By analysing your responses we hope to understand existing patterns of use and gauge future demand.  We will share the analysis with DIA management and the relevant Turkish and UK airlines.

The main reason for this investigation is to provide information for on-going negotiations with relevant airlines with the aim of improving international flight options at Dalaman.

Dalaman International Airport interior
Dalaman International Airport interior

This is a unique opportunity for our readers to provide input into these important negotiations.

KTLN and FT hope that by working together on this fact-finding project together, there will be increased participation. After all, the more people who take part, the more meaningful and useful the findings will be.

We hope you will participate. It’s easy to do – it’s all on line and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete.

For all who use Dalaman

Whilst the survey is currently only available in English it targets people of all nationalities who have used or would like to use DIA.  We are presenting this to our readers as two separate questionnaires.

  • The first form is for visitors – people who are not normally resident in Turkey, who travel here on holiday from the UK or other countries, and stay in the area covered by DIA.
  • The second survey form is for people who are normally resident in Turkey and would normally choose to use DIA.  You should only complete one survey – not both.

 A note on terminology

Although it is difficult to be precise about the area that DIA covers, we define it as places along the Aegean and Mediterranean coast and further inland, within the provinces of Muğla and Antalya, and that are within reasonable travelling (transfer) distance of DIA.

For this survey we are assuming that Dalaman is the most convenient airport for where you live in Turkey, or stay when you visit the country.While we will share summary information with DIA management and some airlines, we will not disclose any data that identifies you personally. Your anonymity will be maintained throughout.

Please click on one of the following links to take part:

Survey questions for people visiting Turkey

Survey questions for people residing in Turkey

We will publish the results of the survey in due course on both the KTLN and Fethiye Times web sites.

Please share the survey

We hope you will take part in the survey. Also, please share it with friends who may use Dalaman airport, so that they can have their say too.



    • Hi Bob, Sorry to hear you couldn’t access the survey but thanks for letting us know. Hundreds of other readers have already completed it and when we tried just now it worked perfectly. Perhaps it was just busy. May I suggest that you try again?