Travellers flying out of Dalaman Airport are being advised to add more time to their journey following the introduction of essential vehicle security checks following the devastating bomb attacks at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport.

Official advice

Dalaman Airport
Dalaman Airport security

Official advice from the Muğla Metropolitan Authority recommends that people travelling to the airport should leave more time for their journey.

This is particularly important if they are leaving on a domestic or international flight.

Check your travel time

If you are travelling with a tour operator please check with your representative for a revised departure time from your accommodation.

If you are an independent traveller, please make a point of checking with your transfer company.

If you are driving yourself we suggest adding at least 30 minutes to your journey time.

Whatever the situation at the entrance of the airport, please cooperate with airport security and airline staff.

Share your experiences

Leave a comment below. Readers are welcome to share their experiences of the increased security at Dalaman Airport and travel time required.

Headline photo

This recent photo shows the queue of traffic approaching Dalaman airport.


  1. We only had a five minute stop on our way to the airport on Sunday. Extra security pre boarding the plane when I had to switch on all my electrical appliances and had an extra body search. That was three body searches in total. Who said travelling was boring? Pegasus transfer came early to ensure no unnecessary hold ups.

  2. Travelled last Wednesday and only took an extra 10 mins for check prior to being dropped off at departures. We welcome the extra security

  3. We left a week ago tonight ( sob sob) and had no queues at the vehicle checkpoints,maybe it depends on how many flights are arriving and departing?
    Totally welcome the extra security checks due to the sad world we are now living in…
    I set off a scanner at security and the lady who frisked me was very thorough, checking to see if I was wearing anything beneath my clothes and also checking the bottoms of my jeans that I had rolled up due to the heat!
    We wont let ‘this evil’ win…

  4. We travelled home from Dalaman on Saturday 9th very strict security measures for our own safety, albeit there were still people complaining……I would rather follow these procedures than face the other.

  5. Came home one Friday 8th, strict security at Dalaman but very smooth, yes some people were complaining but we really didnt mind, much rather that and feel safe than the alternative.

  6. Been through the airport twice in the past week and experienced no queues whatsoever only an efficient check of the car as others have said

  7. I arrived Dalaman on Saturday morning on the Havas bus to catch the Pegasus flight to Sabiha Gokcen 3 police boarded our coach just outside the airport full body and bag checks were made and all ID checked and then they stayed on the bus until we arrived at departures the queue was daunting at least 200 metres long but it moved very quickly had a wait of about 15 minutes in total no problem under the circumstances of recent events if it is keeping people safe and secure it was reassuring to see after very stringent security checks I had 3 in total before finally boarding my flight

  8. Left Dalaman on the 5th with only minor delay whilst police looked in the boot of the car. prefer the extra security, although it can be a pain if your body searched 3 times. Better safe than sorry