A unique concept for bringing sustainable tourism to Turkey kicked off in 2010 with the Taste of Fethiye project. In what was a collaborative five-year venture between The Travel Foundation,  Co-operative Travel, Tui UK & Ireland (Thomson, First Choice) and Thomas Cook, the aim was to support Fethiye’s farmers by promoting the fantastic local produce grown in the region. It has been a resounding success and a highly praised model for sustainable and responsible tourism, even gaining recognition and an award from the United Nations.

The roads less followed

Kayaköy Festival a huge success

A few years ago,  Taste of Fethiye published Village Driving Routes, which was available as a booklet and as a PDF online, so that visitors could explore Fethiye and the surrounding villages and mountains, getting off the tourist trail to discover the countryside for themselves.

KayaKoy is one of the locations included within the guide

Now, Taste of Fethiye, sponsored by The Travel Foundation, has taken one of these inspirational journeys through the region to a new level with an App, and for the time being it is free to download from PocketGuide.


In a 108k two day driving tour of the Fethiye region, PocketGuide has created a user-friendly way to find your way around the back roads and byways to some of the most dramatic and unspoiled parts of the region, and it’s available in English, Turkish and German.

As PocketGuide explains,

This driving tour will take you beyond the main tourist sights of Fethiye to discover the wealth of culture, scenery and rural life this area has to offer.”

Make the most of Fethiye’s internet

In Fethiye, virtually everywhere you go has internet free available, so downloading the app onto a smartphone, tablet or iPad is easy, and once its there you can use it offline.

APPealing tours: Taste of Fethiye takes to the hills

Let us have your feedback

We think this is a brilliant idea and a great way forward for Fethiye’s up and coming responsible tourism initiative, and when you take a look at the app for yourself we’re sure you’ll agree with us.

It would be fantastic to get some feedback on the app from our readers, which we can share with the project managers, so please take a few moments to let us know what you think…

Download your App here

Download your PockGuide App for Fethiye now and head for the hills… (go to city search and type Fethiye)